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Happy International Women’s Day!
This My Mommy Ma, ChanTha. 
She immigrated from Cambodia in the midst of the Vietnam War and Cambodian Civil War. My grandparents were killed by Pol Pot. (Cambodian version of Hitler … Google: Killing Fields). 
She and my aunt escaped from one of his concentration camps and traveled by night with a group of other escapees. She endured and witnessed so much during this time. A girl from her group was blown up by a landmine, and several people got gangrene in their feet and legs. She ate field rats among other things in order to survive. She and my aunt finally made it across the border to Thailand and where later, they were sponsored by a Christian family, who they lived with for 4 years in Rockville, MD. My mom was only 15 years old at the time…
Yes … International women are beautiful… Just look at my mom. She took this picture a couple years ago when she went back to Cambodia for the first time since leaving at 15. But never underestimate a pretty face. My mom is a survivor and my role model in all things that have to do with life. I wouldn’t have been born if my mom didn’t have the inner strength and determination to live a prosperous  life despite so many hardships. Whenever I’m feeling low or in turmoil, I always remind myself that the issues I have are NOTHING compared to what she’s gone through.
She is MY International Idol. 

Dear Mommy Ma:
I am soo proud to be your daughter.
Kyom Srolang Ma Tran.
xo, Setarra

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  • She's so pretty! And, I agree, a real survivor, too.

    Glad to have found you through the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!

  • Your mother is beautiful and so was that dance. I have a friend here who dances and after watching that video I want to either take a dance class or see if she'll teach me a few things. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  • That is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing this personal story! Happy International Women's Day!

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  • Your Mom is gorgeous and you look JUST like her!! :) What a great role model to have.

  • Oh, that dance was amazingly beautiful. Was entirely enraptured from start to finish.
    Btw, you and your mom are gorgeous.

  • What an amazing story! Your mom is gorgeous – and what a survivor! Happy IWD!

  • What a lovely tribute to an obviously strong (and beautiful!) woman. :)

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