Fridays at the MOMA = Free. 
Free = We Were In There With No Cares. 
We = Me, Charles & Our Good Friend, Tarek.

Conclusion = The MOMA’s cool but got damn, it was hot in there! There were so many people taking advantage of the free admission that I was in there sweating with all my winter clothes on. I wasn’t super pressed about seeing everything so we just browsed along looking at the pieces of art that weren’t surrounded by hoards of people.  Afterwards, we spent most of our time sitting on the floor in the central lobby area, watching the video installations repeat over and over again… That may have been my favorite part of our visit… The sitting part. Because when you’re in NYC, the walking is non-stop. So when we finally found a place to sit in the MOMA, it felt quite luxurious. And trust me, we weren’t the only ones with the same mindset. There plenty of the other people sitting around, taking cat naps… 
Yeap. Pretty much sums up my visit to the MOMA… Perfecting the art of sitting down for a breather in the midst of NYC chaos…

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  • MOMA is on my list of places to go while in NY! Our local museum is free on Sunday and I'm surprised how many people DON'T take advantage of it. It's so nice to wander around with my daughter and look at all the exhibits :)

  • I definitely wanna see the MOMA someday! It sounds like it'll be better on a day when people pay though lol. Glad you found time to sit and enjoy the chaos a bit :)

  • Oh I bet it could get crowded!! But the pics are so cool!

  • MOMA can be great, but there are so many people in NYC that it's no wonder it was super crowded. I love the photo involving the Marilyn pop art!

  • Oh man, this makes me miss living near a legit big city! I love free museum nights, even if they are always way too crowded…

  • I really like the composition of pictures 8,9 and 10!

  • haha, I remember visiting NYC and being surprised that my feet could hurt THAT badly just from walking around so much. I recall being in so much pain by the end haha. I had a blast though! Thanks so much for linking up with photography friday!

  • Usually Moma free friday + rainy friday = longest line ever! It's a great museum though, love visiting!

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    <3 Vicki