From Long Distance To Living Together | Another Lesson Learned…

One of the main things that Charles and I have struggled with since moving in together is agreeing on how to divide the responsibility of chores and daily duties. We have our personal preferences; I like the wash the dishes by hand and he likes to throw them in the dishwasher. I like to throw my clothes in the dryer for a quick ‘de-wrinkle’ spin, he likes to iron. We’ve come up with a few house rules so far that we abide by like if someone cooks dinner, then the other person has to clean the kitchen and so on.
But there’s one thing we both hate doing and have yet to find the middle ground on…And that one thing is: folding clothes. Sometimes, we’ll fold them together and try to get the job done as fast as possible. Most times, we leave the clean clothes on the bed all day until one of us decides to go to sleep and then we’ll just throw the clothes back in the basket. The worst part about it is that those clean clothes usually stay in the basket for the whole week. You should see us rummaging through the basket to find what we’re gonna wear each day… I know, it’s bad.

Anyways, every Sunday is “laundry day”. So while I was home chillin with the place to myself this past weekend, I also had the washer and dryer running. In my mind I thought that since I was putting the clothes to wash and dry then it only made sense for Charles fold them when he got home later in the day. But Charles had other plans…

^^ Charles came home later in the day with one little bag of groceries a.k.a. chocolate cake mix and vanilla frozen yogurt. Mind you, I didn’t ask him to stop by the store and get these items… Nope, this man got me my favorite combination of sweets out of the goodness of his heart! Or so I thought.. My romantic notions were put to an abrupt end when he said with a sly smirk on his face, “I just wanted to get you something in appreciation for folding the clothes..” Folding the clothes? The clothes that hadn’t been folded yet?
This mocha frapper was bribing me!?!?!? Bribing me with chocolate and frozen yogurt in exchange for my folding services!?!? The audacity! The cunning! The ad-mir-ation (<– say that again really slowly in a really deep voice) I begrudgingly felt from facing an opponent that had just played his cards so well! 
Anyways, as you can tell from the image above… It worked. I folded that shiut. And you better believe I also ate my chocolate cake and frozen ice cream, all while chomping and smacking my lips out loud like the winner I was because in my mind, chocolate always wins. No shame in my game.

^^Look at him wishing he could take a bite… Don’t worry, I shared (a little bit).

Lesson Of The Day: Find out your significant other’s food weakness and when the time is right, use that weakness against them to avoid doing chores. No Mercy.

P.S. You can also find me on Nicole’s blog, Treasure Tromp, today! Nicole is one of the very first bloggers I connected with when I started blogging a couple years ago (fyi her blog is also an awesome one to sponsor) and I’m back on her site answering a few questions about blogging, life and love so make sure to swing by Treasure Tromp to get a double dose of Quaintrelle :)

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Cheers & Have A Happy Hump Day!

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  • this is so cute! and how clever of him to bribe you with chocolate. I'd cave too!

  • i love this so much, sounds exactly like something michael would do. i also love the how you show the bed with unfolded to folded clothes. basically just love you.

  • HAHA Go Charles!!! Also, I need you to teach me how to make these little GIFs.

  • You are brilliant (and I majorly want some of that deliciousness :)We both hate folding clothes so we just decided not to. It's something that has brought us closer together :)

  • Words can't express how happy I am to read this post! My Guy and I are currently still in a long distance relationship but in the soon future we are planning on moving in together once he can move back to Cleveland. So we will be going from long distance to living together and I'm sooo scared but excited. I will be coming back often for more stories.

    Check out my blog for things we are going through with the long distance and traveling to see each other.

  • Lol this post is our life. I love how our lives are totally on parallel tracks right now, it makes me feel like we're meant to be! Anyhoots, as we speak there is a giant pile of non folded laundry in a giant reusable bag that neither of us are eager to touch… But we finally got our routine down in the kitchen and that's much more important to me! (I cook, he washes)

  • I love that he bribed you with food. That is the key to a girls heart haha I'm sure there will be a lot of bribing going on when MJ and I finally take the move from long distance to living together too. A LOT.


  • Ty and I both equally dislike folding the laundry. It will usually sit there until I get annoyed with it and just fold it while watching tv.

  • i know FOR SURE i will be the one cleaning and cooking and folding laundries. Sad but true. But I'm gonna make Rob buy me anything I want and need. Hahahahhaha… #payback

  • five years of living with my husband and we still argue over how/when the dishes should be done! I gave up on laundry a long time ago after he shrunk some expensive things and decided if I want it done right I've got to do it myself :)

  • I'm the same way, I can be easily be bribed with chocolate or pretty things.

  • Neither my boyfriend or me like to vaccuum! I will use this suggestion form you! Thanks :)

  • Dead. See…I just make Boomer do stuff like put her clothes away. Otherwise we kind of live out of our laundry room…Parenting win.

  • LOL! I laughed so hard reading this! He pulled a clever one…I'd be weak to the chocolate too. Shamelessly. Clearly, it worked. haha.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you two loveee birds! ♥ ♥


  • Not gonna lie; that's pretty brilliant of him. Unfortunately I do all of the laundry folding in our house. But it's fair, since I don't work as many hours (and I'm the only one who will actually do it).
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  • Hahaha I love that he bribed you! Very smart man.