From Long Distance To Living Together | Lessons Learned (So Far)

Some of you may or may not know this but Charles and I were in a long distance relationship for the past 4 out 6 years that we’ve been together. Since moving in together this past August, I can definitely say that life has been anything but boring. Whoever said “you don’t really know someone until you live with them” was on point… Because even after 6 years of loving, we’re still learning things about each other that we never knew before… And so without much ado, I thought I’d share a few “realizations” I’ve made since the big move.

1) If he likes to walk around with his socks hanging half way off his feet because it regulates the temperature of his peds; then be prepared to find perfect pairs socks laying round the place all the time… Because the truth of the matter is that you can’t control when your feet get hot flashes. I swear his feet are going through menopause. Oh yea, and forget the clothes hamper… Socks and clothes hampers don’t go together. 


2) He will never realize how much you shed hair as a woman until you move in together. No matter how big the clump of hair or how small (like in the photo above), no matter if you swish it into a perfect circle… I promise he’ll be seriously disgusted. I’ve obviously gotten better with throwing away my hair after showering over these past couple of months but I’ve been known to still slip up  every now and then. I guess he just doesn’t appreciate my tile artwork…

3) He will do his best to clean up… But his version of clean and your version of clean will never be quite the same. The photo above is what our living room looked like after I cleaned our place one weekend while Charles went to go run errands. I won’t show you what our place looked like beforehand. (oooor what it looks like right now) I’ve found it’s easier to clean when he’s not around or in the way… Yes, I may have a slight case of OCD… 

4) The battle over bedsheets is serious… Real serious. When we were doing long distance, Charles and I used to snuggle all the time in a FULL SIZE BED… Mind you we only had 2 days out of the month to make up for lost time so we did what had to be done (get your mind out the gutter). But now that we get to cuddle every single day, our upgrade to a queen size bed doesn’t seem quite big enough. He’s a human radiator that ends up sweating in the middle of the night which results in the covers being thrown off. I like to sleep ‘snow angel’ style and with the window cracked open so I can have fresh air and never be too hot in bed. As a result, the bed battles are never ending. I seriously think we fight each other for the blanket in our sleep without realizing it haha! Of course, we are sooooo happy to finally be with each other every night but I’m pretty sure a King size bed will find it’s way to our place in the near future…

5) Flatulence becomes a casual thing when you move in together… Yea, I said it. We’re human beings. We fart. It may not be as cute as when a little baby farts but it happens. And if you put two people together in one apartment, someone is bound to fart at some point and you’re gonna have to deal with it. Especially in those moments when someone lets it rip in the middle of spooning session… I think it’s easier to just hysterically laugh it off then to catch an offense. This may seem disgusting but every couple I’ve spoken to that is in a happy relationship has experienced the “spooning fart” at some point in their relationship. I’m saying it now: The couples that fart together, stay together. If you’ve never farted in front of your significant other, then you’re not normal…

To Be Continued…  

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  • Haha I love this! It's always so fun to get to go inside the "real relationship" instead of just the "Oh we got a Christmas tree yesterday", "Oh we went out to a fancy dinner this past weekend."

  • Ok but seriously about the cleaning… Where do they get the idea of what's clean?! Because I'm telling you, my man breathes two minuts after I deep clean and I swear the place is a disaster. How does that even happen!?

  • The sock regulation cracks me up!! My man and I were long distance as well and it's amazing the things you learn when you finally move in together. I thought after two years of marathon emails and phone sessions we knew just about everything but the curtain comes up when it's a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment and there's nowhere to hide lol. I wrote a similar post to this a few months ago if you're interested in reading. Farting is number one on my list haha!! >>

  • This is hilarious. My boyfriend and I are in a second year of long distance but sometimes he comes to visit for a week or two, and we definitely feel some of these growing pains. He thinks my hair is gross. He hates to touch my hairbrush because of all hair. And the spooning fart is bound to happen at some point for everyone. It is now a joke between us!

  • The socks thing is hilarious! I totally know what you mean about your kind of clean vs. his. Scott is better at cleaning, honestly, but he has trouble in the clutter department. I can't stand things being left around and he has the hardest time remembering to put his clothes away. I don't get it. Glad you two seem to be enjoying your time together and documenting the funny parts. :)

  • I love that his version of clean is no where near yours. you said a mouth full there!!! haha. I feel ya :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix


  • Omg I love this!!

  • this is hilarious – we also went from long distance to getting married/living together and yes, there have been a few discoveries of our own! it's all part of the fun though, right? x

  • hahahaah hilarious!! the hair thing is 100% true; my husband complains about it all day..not in the shower but all over the house. he says that i shed like a dog :(

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda