Gibbe Me, Gibbe Me More Beach

Our Second Day on the Island, we stayed on the west side since we had plans to go out that night. Gibbes Beach was a 6 minute walk from where we were staying so we decided to go in search of it’s public entrance. When we finally found the entrance and saw the beachfront,  we understood why our host, Smitty,  said it was one of his favorite beach areas.
Gibbes Beach was/is nothing like Accra BeachIt’s quieter, less people, calmer waves … A local beach hangout as apposed to the commercial tourist hotspot Accra beach is made to be. There are no restaurants, bars, or people soliciting us to rent a jet ski … Just beachfront homes (that prolly cost a gazillion bucks) and a nice breeze. We Loved It.  There’s nothing like feeling you have the whole beach to yourself… The day was overcast… Which was perfectly fine with us since it was still pretty darn hot without the sun. Charles and I just chilled for a couple hours before heading back to get ready for his evening lecture.

Allow me to introduce you to Choco … He’s my teddy … I’ve had him since the 6th grade and haven’t quite grown up enough to let him go. He made his first appearance on the blog back when I went on a camping trip to the Catskills Mountains. He has aromatherapy beads in his hands and feet that smell like Chocolate … At least, they used to … He goes wherever I go … I mean … Just look at him … He’s soooo raggedy and adorable …  Maybe one day, I’ll make a post about the “Adventures of Choco”… One day.
So back to this lecture … We headed to the Barbados Museum and met up with our friend, Justin. We didn’t make it out to take a tour of the Mount Gay distillery on the island so I was glad we went to this lecture. We learned some interesting facts about the history of Mount Gay Rum and it’s impact on island’s economy.
Our free tastings of Mount Gay’s special rum, Mount Gilboa, after the lecture … Tastings my azzzzzzz-ma (for you grams) … More like a cupful haha! There was at least 2 to 3 shots worth of rum in each cup … Woe was me and he and he ;)
xo, Setarra
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  • It's absolutely beautiful there! :D Jealous!

  • Gorgeous photos! What a neat little beach. I love that you have Choco. I have Dragon and he comes with me everywhere too! Scott thinks I'm nuts, but you probably don't :)

  • I'm jealous. And so cold. Even colder now that I've looked at these photos.
    That's all I have to say.