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Quaintrelle No Makeup Selfie

1) *takes a deep breath* This is what I look like with no makeup and no filter… Charles recently posted this photo on his Instagram account for his #wcw (woman crush wednesday) and at first, I was embarrassed that he posted a pic of my face barenaked online. But then I realized, “wtf? Why don’t I love my flaws as much as he loves them?” So yea, this is me. Taking a step towards embracing who I am and what I look like without any makeup on… Blackheads and all. #selflove #beautyfromwithin

2) The first thing I notice about a person when I meet them is their posture. Blame it on my dance background (and a dad who works in law enforcement) but I feel like the way a person carries them self says alot about who they are. Forget about clothes, makeup, hair and words. I judge a person initially by what I read from their body language.

3) I like to eat my pizza with a knife and fork. It’s an old habit I developed when I used to wear braces and it has stuck with me ever since. 

4) As a mixed child growing up with a Buddhist Mom and Christian Dad, I spent my time equally in a church and temple. I feel very lucky to have been brought up by parents who allowed me to come to my own conclusions about religion; a conclusion that has led me to wave the agnostic flag. I believe in evolution but I also believe in the moments that occur in life that can’t be explained by science… I believe in miracles. And in those moments when I’m moved to pray, I always start each prayer with, “Dear Lord and Lut-Da (Buddha in Cambodian)” and end my prayer with,”Amen & Satuk, Satuk, Satuk (Amen in Cambodian)” Some people may think I’m crazy when I explain this to them but they haven’t lived my life… A life, which to me, is pretty darn normal. 

5) My socks never match. I already have a hard time doing the laundry… On top of that, I’m actually expected to sort through and pair my socks together?!?! Oh hell no. I just take my socks from the dryer and throw them in the drawer as is. When I get ready to head out each day, I grab the first two socks I can find and roll bounce.

6) With regards to the lady lumps: I have endearing nicknamed one, “Big Mama”, the other one, “Baby Girl.” Regardless of size, the hubby gives them both equal amounts of attention and for that I am truly grateful ;)


7) I don’t drink coffee. My body just can’t handle the amount of caffeine associated with coffee. I get jittery and feel nauseous. It’s the worst. With that said, TEA is the preferred hot beverage for me. I loooooooove it and drink somewhere around 3-4 cups of tea every single day. Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with British culture. They are alll about their tea :)

Speaking of Brits, a big thank you to Miho from Wander to Wonder for tagging me with the One Lovely Blog Award! The award asks for bloggers tagged to share 7 things about themselves and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share a few things about the girl behind the blog; especially for those of you who are new readers to Quaintrelle. On top of that, my girl, Helene, is hosting the Blogtober ’14 link up and this post fits perfectly into the prompt for tomorrow! I can’t think of a better way to knock out two stones with one bird :) Or is it the other way around? I always get that saying mixed up. Anywho…

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  • oh hay. on it. comin' in hot :)

    and thanks for calling me lovely. hahahaha

  • I've just realized why I eat my pizza with a knife and fork! My friends always tease me about being prissy with my pizza, but it must be a holdover from 2+ years of braces (and the permanent retainers I have now).

  • Thanks love! You're beautiful makeup or not, so hush! I'm with hubby on this one.

    Utensils for pizza!? Say it ain't so!

    My sister was notorious for mismatched socks. :)

    I'm an avid tea drinker myself. I like coffee if it's super early but tea is just comforting.

  • I wish I looked that good without makeup and with no filter. You are gorgeous!

    And I'm the same way when it comes to people's posture…and eye contact. I find it so strange when people don't look at each other in the eyes.

  • I wish my skin looked as good as yours with no filter! I'm working on it…

    My obsessive compulsive temperament would never let me wear mis-matched socks, not matter how cool it looks when everyone else did it during sleepovers. If I couldn't find the match to a sock, I just threw it out.

    Last month the guy I'm seeing took me out to a pizza place, and he called me bourgeois/boojie for using a knife and fork, lol. It just gets so messy w/my hands, and I guess that's that obsessive compulsive part of me kicking in again.

    Yoga has severely helped my posture, and that probably fools people into thinking I think more highly of myself than I actually do.

    I call my itty & bitty. The nickname is fitting for obvious reasons.

    Religion has never worked with my do-your-own-thing persona, but I do feel that my spiritual relationship w/Christ helps me in more ways than I even realize.

    I love this post, can't wait to my randomness.


  • I love that tea cup. I also feel that tea tastes better if it is coming from a personal sized tea pot.

  • Love when bloggers do these and we can learn more about who is actually writing. I can't stand your mismatched socks though haha my OCD is going crazyyyy. But glad you felt comfortable to share about your beliefs – very cool perspective.


  • This was so fun to read!! And thanks a million for nominating me!! I am so honored and flattered! No coffee for me either, just because I hate the way it tastes and smells. Love you lady lumps! Ha! And I all about mismatched socks…my washing machine eats the other ones…it's the only way to cope!

  • You are the cutest!! And trust me, my socks never match either ;)
    xo TJ

  • Loved this! ….and your lady lumps. Too far?

  • My socks never ever match either. Sometimes they are close tho! Do I get points for that?? haha! I have terrible posture, and I used to be a dancer. It makes no sense!

  • I don't match my socks either! I love toe socks but I can't find them anymore. I love hot tea, it's so relaxing! I try to have good posture because I don't want my shoulders or back to hurt. It's nice to meet ya & I hope your having a great day!

  • This was a fun post to get to know you a little better.

    You are gorgeous with or without makeup. Own that!

    Now I want pizza…

  • I eat pizza with a knife and fork too :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  • yay! i love learning more about you :) and geez, your skin is flawless. and i am so glad that you were brought up to choose your own beliefs – that is something so important. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder