Gratitude is Wine for the Soul … Go on. Get Drunk.

On the train headed into the city …

 Went to the MACY’s Thanksgiving Parade this morning!!!

It’s true when they say the early bird gets the worm… I woke up at the bum crack of dawn (7:00am) to find a good spot and you know what??? It was already super packed with families when I got to 39th street around 8ish!!!

And let me just say this …This parade should not be advertised as a family event!!!
the parade even began, there was a couple yelling their son’s name
walking up and down along the sidewalk/barricade trying to find their
missing son… There were parents’ cussing each other out trying to get their kids in front of the crowds so they could have a good view. Old people were getting stepped on… Kids were crying cuz they had to go pee and there were no bathrooms/porta-potties anywhere… It was a huge clusterfuck.
Dear NYPD:
 I commend you for dealing with these crazy people today. (I couldn’t do it.)
But either way, who cares about crowded areas when you’re looking up at the sky the whole time haha! The parade began around 9:00am and lasted for an hour and a half or so but I left early to avoid the crowds going back home. The whole time kids all around were “ooohing” and “ahhhhing” and there I was sounding like a broken record saying “whoa!” “dang” “what is that!?” “Oh snap!” …  I slipped up and said “aww shiut” when I saw the Hello Kitty balloon only to have a parent turn around and give me the look of death lol.

Yeap. I was by myself! 

Yeap. I was cool with it! 
Yeap. I had a great time!

I realized as I was watching the parade this morning that I’m becoming more comfortable with being alone because even tho I’m alone … I am not lonely. After a year of going through funk (possible self-diagnosed depression) from moving to a new city and having knee surgery,  I feel like I’m finally coming into my own and it feels good.

I was lookin GQ manly today haha ;)

Of course, I would’ve loved to have shared this balloon watching moment with Charles but as with any long distance relationship, there are times when you simply can’t be together. I also won’t be spending Thanksgiving with my family in DC today but that was the main reason for spending time with them this past weekend. Me and the roomie are cooking some food and chillin tonight … Which is fine by me.
I sometimes feel that like with Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving is another overrated/retail business fiasco. (Christmas is the worst.) Everyday should be Valentine’s Day, just as everyday should be Thanksgiving Day. I have alot to be thankful for and not just because today is Thanksgiving. Recently, I’ve gotten into the habit of saying thanks before I go to bed as I’m icing my knee. I don’t actually say these thanks out loud but more or so in my mind/barely there whisper.
Last night, I said …
“Thank you knee for carrying my weight through out the day and not being too swollen from the day’s activities.”
“Thank you sinus for clearing up and giving me my sense of smell back.”
“Thank you mom and dad for being awesome and supportive parents.”
“Thank you Grams for just being awesome.”
“Thank you jean pocket for surprising me with $20 I forgot I had.”
“Thank you siblings for being wonderfully annoying and lovable at the same time.” 
“Thank you Cassey Ho for working my ass out today with that Victoria’s Secret ab workout.”
“Thank you Charles for being an amazing & patient boyfriend.”
“Thank you Dark Chocolate for … Just Thank You.”
“Thank you friends for being there when it counts.”
“Thank you Lord & Buddha for watching over me and helping me keep my emotional balance and focus as I prepare for alot of changes to come in 2013.”
Life is life and everyday I am thankful to wake up each morning and be able to live it.
xo, Setarra
  • aaa so lucky. i'm watching it on tv right now (obvi, not live).

    i'm like you. when maybe not really, but I do see the boyfriend once a week (or maybe twice) so doing stuff solo is no problemo for me. I would do what you did if I was there.

    I do Disneyland solo trips a lot hahaha…


  • HELLO KITTY!!! Sorry, I'm a little obsessed.

    I also do things on my own a lot of the time. A lot of people don't understand how I can stand to be alone doing things. Um…well…if I expect anyone else to want to spend time with me I have to be able to spend time with myself. *shrugs*