CapturedGrams 12.14 – Happy New Year!!!

Oh Hey There! Remember me? That blogger chick who decided to take a month long break from blogging? Well she’s back and ready to dive back into the blog world with a refreshed perspective on it all. These past 31 days were just what I needed to re-energize for the new year… Warning: Today’s post is a doozy. So prep your coffee or tea and get comfortable.

As you can tell from my Instagram photos above (follow along @setarrra!), I’ve had a very full month. Time was spent hanging out with family and friends. Charles and I went on a few dates. I’m officially done with my first year of grad school and the cherry on top is that I got an A and A- as final grades for my classes this past semester! Woot woot! Mind you, I still have TWO more years left of grad school to get through since I’m going part-time but I think it’s important to celebrate even the little victories :)

One last thing before I head off to enjoy the rest of New Year’s Day with my Hubby… I wanted to share with you my goals for 2015 as a public promise to hold myself more accountable this year. These 7 goals represent dedication, emotional growth and sacrifice in that I’m going to have to embody the definition of these three words in order to achieve my goals. 

IN 2015:

1. I WILL buckle down and lose the close to 20 pounds I’ve gained over the past 3 years. I’ve set a goal to lose as much as I can by my birthday but afterwards, I will continue working towards my health goals throughout the year. Once upon a time, I wrote a New Years Post wearing one of my most favorite party dresses ever annnnnd I no longer fit into it (tear). I’ve thrown out alot of clothes since I’ve gained my “happy fat” but I never threw out that dress. I’m determined to fit into it by the end of the year.

I WILL take dance classes regularly. The main thing that has been holding me back from jumping back into dance in the way I probably should have done a long time ago has been my fear of what other people in the dance studio may think of me. I’m not the same girl who used to break it down on the dance floor like I used to. Since tearing my ACL and recovering from surgery, I’ve developed a few insecurities when it comes to dance because it is such a personal outlet for me. In the dance studio, everyone is watching, there’s a mirror you can’t hide from, everyone knows who’s good and who’s not as good and so on… But I can’t worry about that. I need to stop comparing myself to the girl I used to be and start thinking about the girl I CAN be right now in the present. I’ve got to approach dance and dancing for me, myself and I. #dancelikenobodyiswatching

I WILL get back in touch with my inner “sexy” because, to be completely honest, I haven’t felt truly sexy for a while now. On the outside, I’ve faked my sexiness until I could make it because as a performer, that’s one of the first things I ever learned to do. But on the inside, I’m not really feeling myself and it’s not enough that Charles finds me sexy. I need to find that feeling for myself without his or anyone else’s approval. I need to approve my own sexiness. I’m not quite sure how I will go about trying to reclaim it but until then… Rawr!

I WILL book 3-4 trips within the U.S. of mocha frappin A this year. I already have 1 trip booked so 3 more to go! If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past couple of years it’s that: It’s one thing to say you want to travel somewhere, it’s another thing to actually book the trip. To me: One is a dream, the latter, a reality. Gotta just go for it and book those trips!

I WILL change and build Quaintrelle for the better. My little blog will be turning 3 later on this year and I think that after 2 and some years of experimenting around, I finally have an idea of what I really like to blog about. Call me a late bloomer but I think something finally clicked last year! I’m currently working on a new blog design and have plans to bring back my SaturDance series in a more personal way. Overall, I see Quaintrelle taking on more edginess which means I may speak more on topics and share opinions or photos that may make you uncomfortable, heck they may make ME uncomfortable but if I’m passionate about the subject or believe in the artistic vision I’m sharing, I’ve decided to give myself the freedom to GO THERE on the blog because this blog is me and I am my blog and we should be portrayed as close to one being as possible. I want to keep things more real this year… But no more talking, time to get to walking.

I WILL invest more face to face time in my personal relationships. It isn’t enough to text these days and I’m the worst when it comes to texting (hello taking me 2 days to respond sometimes – guilty as charged). If anything, human interaction is even more important given how much the online world has taken over in the past couple of years. I’d like to spend time with my family at least once a month and make a point to meet with friends when I can even if it’s just to catch up for 1 hour. This year, I will invest in the people who invest in me because the circle of positive energy I want to create for 2015 is a never ending cycle that must constantly be replenished in order to sustain and maintain.

I WILL save up at least $2,500 this year for the sake of being more financially secure because cash liquidity is a key factor in having the ability to be more mobile in life without stress. All my life, I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck, only saving money for things I want to treat myself with like vacations and clothes (which equates to a quick turnaround on money being saved to disappearing all over again). Times have changed though and I want to have a rainy day account available in case anything happens that I haven’t accounted for in my yearly/monthly budget so I won’t have to use my credit card. Charles and I are on schedule to knock out all of our credit card debt by the end of 2015 so having a rainy day account will play a big part keeping me/us on track.

^^ These gifted socks are fresh from Christmas which is the only reason why they match. Trust me, they won’t be matching after I put them to wash and dry haha.

2015 will be the year that I go after the things I want. Like forreal, forreal which is I why I posted my goals for the year on the mirror in my apartment for the very first time. Everyday when I’m checking myself out in the murrrr, I will see my list and be reminded of my goals and what I need to do in order to manifest them into reality.

I can do this. I WILL do this. I’m a bad bitch. #repeat

On another random note (last one I promise), I didn’t realize how much I missed blogging until just right now in this moment. Being able to write out my thoughts and goals feels ah-mazing. I feel empowered while also feeling like I’m severely behind on reading and commenting on other blogs so feel free to share a link to your favorite post from December or your goals for the year below in the comments section so I can start getting all caught up :)

Happy, Happy New Year!!!

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  • I love New Years Resolution. My goal is to also lose 20pounds in the next 3 months (spring break body) and to also save. I'm graduating from college in May. I need to save to get into the real world.

  • I love these goals, they are terrific and you are going to kill it!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Dude… can I call you dude? I feel like we're at that level… I LOVE this post so hard. Everything about it is making me miss you tons right now. And that affirmation? Perfection. I'm adopting it. Sorry but it's too awesome not to see/say/read every day. We have similar goals for the year. And I agree it's all about going after the things I want this year. You are going to rock these goals and I'm sure they'll be done ahead of schedule. Happy New Year to you and Charles! xo

  • I'm excited to see what you have planned :-)

  • Holding you accountable, miss! <3