Here’s To Serendipity

How do you get over the cold weather in NYC??? Eat soup … To be specific … Yummy asian soup… My mom with her asian remedies would always make me chicken ginger soup when I got sick because ginger is the asian cure for everything just like windex is the greek cure for everything…
Insert Totto Ramen … A yummy ramen restaurant located in Hell’s Kitchen that’s rated as having the best ramen in the city after Ippudo. Charles and I last tried to eat here a couple months ago and gave up/left before we were seated when we saw the long wait .. So this time around, we decided that we were gonna go to eat at Totto right when they opened. The restaurant opens at 12pm on Saturdays and when we got there at 11:50am, there was ALREADY a crowd of people waiting outside to go eat. I went inside to sign my name on the waiting list {I was #24} and hoped that we wouldn’t have to wait too long because I was determined to see what the hype was all about.

An hour later, my name was finally called and we made our way to our seats … I’ve eaten Ramen on numerous occasions at home but let me tell you, this ramen we ate … was special ramen!!! It’s basically the Japanese version of Pho but with Ramen noodles and what’s super cool is that you get to add your own toppings. I added an egg and corn and some hot sauce to mine with a side of Sapporo beer … Nomnomnom!!!

The supercool part about our soupy lunch  was that we got to share this experience with Charles’s cousins who were visiting for the weekend as well. We didn’t even know they were in town until Charles saw a picture his cousin, April, posted on Facebook of her NYC pizza slice. He hit them up and after lunch, we ended up spending the day and night with them hanging around and exploring NYC. 
Luxuriating in eating my chocolate cake … Thanks for the candid Charles ;)
We dedicated the day to serendipity.. We had no clue Charles’s cousins were in town and they thought he was still in Barbados… But it was meant to be and I’m so glad we linked up. Going with the flow lead to an awesome series of events that would never have happened if we had planned the day out. Despite missing the warmth of Barbados, it’s these types of random days/nights that make me fall more in love with NYC … It feels good to be back :)
xo, Setarra 

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  • Oh yum, hot ramen is definitely a great cure for cold weather!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • Oh I love NYC!! It's my favourite city to visit (I'm from the UK) and seeing your photos has made me NYC sick :-( Keep wrapped up!!

    Found you via YOLO blog hop :-) New follower (unnless I get too jealous of all your NYC'ness' haha!)


  • I used to eat ramen all the time. I kinda quit when I learned how much salt is in that stuff. I do enjoy it once in awhile now. I've never had it at a dedicated ramen place, but I'd like to.

    I also love random go with the flow days. Those are the days with the best adventures.

  • omagah ramen. gurl, being asian, that's your second staple besides RICE.

    i eat indomie (indonesian ramen) all the time, and I really do hope that I am NOT allergic to wheat/gluten because I really miss ramen *cries*

  • Yall r too cute! Awesome how it worked out! Looks like a blast and one day when we hit up NY def making my way to the Ramen house. Nomnom! Looking forward to following u!

  • I need some soup!! Man, every time you post NYC pictures I want to move more and more. lol

  • Oh ya. Chicken ginger soup. It's delicious, too! And that ramen… man. It looks amazing! With Sapporo! We love Sapporo. So much so we contemplated moving there. {I mean only for a few minutes..but still.} ha. {And because they get like the most snow ever. Which I thought would be awesome.} We can't find Sapporo beer anywhere in Qingdao! Looks like you guys had a great time!