Holiday Postcards from Washington, D.C. + A Playlist From Charles :)



It’s gonna be a great holiday season. I can feel it and my instincts have yet to fail me.

A few things I’m looking forward to:

1) My last day of work is tomorrow and our offices will be closed till January 5th for winter break.

2) My brother proposed to his girlfriend last weekend and, in a whirlwind of events, is getting married at a courthouse this Friday. And get this… He asked me to take photos of the wedding which I’m both super nervous and excited about.

3) Charles’s family will be in town on Saturday then Christmas is Monday. And after that, I have NO PLANS for next week which is ah-mazing to say the least.

But before I get ahead of myself (which I’m apt to do), let’s focus on today. Right now. With this post.

I’m sharing a few holidays postcards from these past few weeks running errands with Charles around D.C.

Trying to find parking in D.C. during a holiday weekend is for the birds so we took the metro to get from Virginia to D.C. We may live a 10 minute drive outside of the capital city but we’d rather add on the additional 15 minutes it takes to ride the metro instead of having to deal with crazy tourists, traffic and parking drama.

Photos below are from our nightly strolls around the Christmas Market in Chinatown and the Capitol Building at the National Mall.

holiday-postcards-from-washington-dc-setarra holiday-postcards-from-washington-dc-setarra holiday-postcards-from-washington-dc-setarra holiday-postcards-from-washington-dc-setarra holiday-postcards-from-washington-dc-setarraholiday-postcards-from-washington-dc-setarra



Now that we’ve got the holiday postcards out of the way, let’s move onto the main event = A playlist curated by my music lovin’ man, Charles!


Over dinner a few weeks ago, we were talking about what Charles’s “DJ name” would be (we have random hypothetical conversations like this all the time) and the kind of set he would put together for a Christmas gig.

This then triggered a “light bulb” moment for me and I asked if he would be interested in making a christmas playlist for ya’ll to jam along to.

He said “aight” and here we are… At the part of the post where I need to copy and paste the embed code for his hour long spotify playlist.

(copies and pastes code. code doesn’t work. copies and pastes again. still doesn’t work. takes a deep breath, googles “how to embed a spotify playlist on wordpress” and follows instructions to the T…. et voila!)

Hope you enjoy this compilation of Charles’s favorite Christmas songs!



Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Fiesta of Our Lady Guadalupe, Omisoka, and/or Winter Solstice!

xo, Setarra

  • You are going to take such lovely photos of your brother’s wedding! I hope you get to share a sneak peak :)
    And I am seriously loving all of these festive shots, especially since I’m currently sweating in summer. Buuuut, T-2 until I leave for London so, it’s all good.
    Happy, Happy Christmas to you both! :)

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Marcella! I really appreciate it. And so funny that you’re actually looking forward to London’s chilly weather lol. Merry Christmas! xo

  • DC is beautiful at this time of year and cold lol. Love the pictures and those mini-donuts look too good!

    • Christmas and Spring are my favorite times of the year to experience D.C. And girl, the mini- donuts were tooooo good! xo