Honest Hump Day | Short & Sweet

{via Instagram: @setarrra}

I came across this artist’s stand while I was exploring the Union Square Holiday Market last week and felt like this particular canvas represents my current love-hate relationship with NYC …

Oh, New York. Sometimes it’s like staying in an abusive relationship under the delusion of having fallen in love … I’m still here tho. And I’ll leave when I’m ready and only on my own terms. The chips are slowly coming into play… Changes are A-Comin…
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou
xo, Setarra
  • Sigh…this is why I am in San Antonio and not Austin right now. $$$$ I have always wanted to live in NYC, but I knew my profession (teaching) would most likely mean I would have to work extra jobs to pay rent = not able to enjoy what the city has to offer. I will just keep playin the lotto I guess. ;)

  • Hahaha I feel the SAME way about NYC. I loved living there and actually left once and came back because I missed it so much. If I could live in Manhattan, have a car (with a parking spot of course) to get back to my family in Maine, and own my apartment/house, I would still live there… but of course it takes tons of money to do any of that! :)

  • Change was demon to tackle this year too – accepting it and working toward it :) I am excited to see what adventures you have up your sleeve too! Stopping by from Follow Friday with the lovely Tammy. Have a wonderful weekend in NYC :) xx