Hookah Night

I don’t know about you but smoking hookah always makes me feel like a badass… A badass engaging in legal activity. I’m proud to say that I have never smoked a cigarette ever in my life … But hookah? I’ll do hookah. You may recognize the Cloister Cafe from a previous post I wrote so it may seem like this is my second time going to this hookah bar. But the truth is I haven’t been posting in chronological order lately. I have all these NYC posts prepared in advanced that I’ve been publishing posts based on how I feel each week as apposed to the order in which they go … Hope you don’t mind. 

These pictures were taken over a month ago and actually represent my first time ever going to the Cloister Cafe. I stumbled upon this little gem while on a triple date with Charles’s best friends. I was obviously smitten since I returned later when my girl, Peach, came to visit. Finding new places to hang while walking through the streets of New York on a particularly Bacchus night are what epic nights are made of :) Are You A Hookah Fan?

Cloister Cafe
238 E 9th St.
New York, NY 10003

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  • I enjoy hookah. I haven't been in awhile. I might have to set that up with friends.

  • the first time i had hookah was at my cousin's house because her husband had one and it's a beautiful peace of thang. oh and the flavor they had that nice was bomb. I was baking at the same time. hahaha

  • I like hookah. I haven't smoked one in a while.