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On our way back home to Northern VA from Philly, Charles and I made a quick stop in Baltimore to grab lunch at one of my favorite hot dog joints, Stuggy’s. Born and bred in Baltimore, Stuggy’s is known for their delicious gourmet hot dogs that are available until 3am on the weekends. As such, it’s perfect for those looking to ‘feed the liquor’ after a long night out bar hopping which is actually how I first came to know about Stuggy’s (insert my late night tipsy/hungry self here). Most people are familiar with Stuggy’s from their original location in Fell’s Point near the Baltimore Harbor but they recently opened up a NEW location in the Federal Hill area, which is exactly where Charles and I went for lunch.

^^^ They Also Have A Veggie Dog Option For Those Who Prefer The Meatless Lifestyle :)
This was Charles’s first time ever visiting Stuggy’s so I went over the menu with him briefly before we put our orders in… We both went with the signature Stuggy beef hot dog as our base. For our toppings, Charles ordered the Bob Marley: slow roasted jerk chicken, red cabbage slaw, mango mayo, and grilled jalepenos on top of his dog. I ordered the the Crab Mac: homemade mac and cheese with lump crab and Old Bay on top of my dog. And since we had never had tried fried pickles before, we ordered that as our side. Once our food was served, we snapped a few photos before diving right in… Cue in the food pics!!! 
^^^ The Bob Marley: 
Charles Loved The Mango Mayo & Crunchiness Of The Slaw On His Dog. 
In His Words, He Pictured Himself “in Barbados eating this dog with a rum cocktail in hand.”
^^^ Fried Pickles: 
Seriously Don’t Know Why We Waited So Long To Try This Dish. Soo Good!
^^^ The Crab Mac: 
Savory, Creamy Crab Goodness On A Dog.
^^^ Bite Marks

^^^ In case you were wondering, this how I look when I stuff my face with food lol #chubbycheekstillidie

If you’re ever in the Baltimore area, 

I definitely recommend making a stop by Stuggy’s new location in Federal Hill. 

Their dogs are man’s best friend :)


17 E Cross St.

Baltimore, MD 21230

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  • Annnnd now i'm about to Google where I can find some pickled fries around Atlanta. Preferably for lunch. Today. Xo

  • this place looks awesome. you always take the best pics!

  • Wow….that guy is busy! I didn't know he opened a second stuggy's but he owns the two restaurants next to the fells location and is opening another. Eeesh!

  • YUM! My husband would adore this place. Thanks for linking up with Funday Monday!

  • I don't eat hotdogs but that looks like a cute place. Almost like it could be a icecream shop.

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  • wow, that is impressive stuff! what you might call "man food" at its best ;) x

  • OMG that looks to appetizing.

  • OMG that crab mac dog looks like the shit. I want one NOW!

  • what? crab mac dog?? i wish they had something like that here in toronto!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  • Yeah, this is worth a drive to Baltimore. You know, since I want to go anyway. Crab and Mac. You KNOW how I feel about this!!