^^Fed Ex Field From The Outside
^^On The Inside
^^The View From Our Seats

^^Snuck Down After The Game
^^ Touchdown Celebrations
^^Half Time Performers
^^ The fans who sat in front of me. 
I ended up standing for most of the game because they kept standing up and blocking my view lol.
^^ Happy Fan
^^ Breast Cancer Highlight During Half Time
^^ Hail To The Redskins … And Charles ;)
Great Weather, Great Stadium Energy, Great Game … What more could you ask for when closing out an ah-mazing weekend? Yesterday’s Redskins game against the Bears was neck and neck through every quarter and had me at the edge of my seat for the most part of the game. But in the last 30 seconds, the defense kept the Bears from scoring (with a huge QB sack) and the Redskins won!!! #finally
What’s crazy to me is that in the 6 years of our relationship, this was the first time Charles and I ever went to an NFL game together. You’d think that the era of “first time togethers” would be over by now … But since moving in together after loving via long distance, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find out that it isn’t over and can only hope that it’s an era that never ends no matter how much time passes :)

P.S. Charles Turns 27 Today … Happy Birthday Charles!!! Oun Sorlanh Bong <3 <– “I Love You” in Cambodian)

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  • You picked a good game, for your first game! I was watching the cowboys but they cut over to Redskins/Bears pretty often, looked exciting!!

  • Great weekend to be at the game! I went to my first NFL game last year, and I can't wait to go back- so much fun!

  • aww that looks like a blast!!!

  • Great pics! Love going to the game!

    Thanks for linking up :)