Someone Was Kind Enough To Write My 2014 Goals For Me…

Sooooo I had originally started writing a post about 10 things I wanted to accomplish this year only to delete it all about 15 minutes ago because I felt like I was simply repeating my goals from last year and the year before and the year before that… I totally get the idea that with the new year, most people see it as a fresh start… But I personally see it as a continuation of yesterday. Every day is a new day. Blame it on watching the “Happy” documentary recently but it finally hit me… “Why wait? I should start doing the things that will make me happy now.” And so that’s just what I did. 

I started the Insanity workouts, I got that new Macbook I had been dreaming about for years, I started making plans for traveling to Paris & Iceland, I signed up to join my first ever Instagram meet up (which is finally happening tomorrow!), I set up a legit budget to abide by annnd I got a body con dress (said the girl who always wears a-line dresses)… And I did it all in the month of December because I didn’t feel like waiting around for January to arrive to initiate this new drive for living life I had found. 

And so let’s take it back to 30 minutes ago, when I was just trying to pull together a list of things to-do out of my butt that didn’t feel genuine. (“out of my butt that didn’t feel genuine” did I really just type that?)  Then lets speed it up to 15 minutes ago when I finally deleted the entire post and considered just not posting anything at all for Friday… What do you do at 12:36am in this kind of situation while your fianc√© snores quietly on the opposite side of the couch and there’s only 21% left on your laptop and the charger is too far away for your lazy butt to go and bring it over to charge your laptop?

Well… You surf. Surf the web that is… You get on Facebook, you pull your phone out and scroll through Instagram, you then remember that your phone bill is due tomorrow so you pay that online, then you contemplate turning everything off and going to bed but instead you head over to Tumblr for some inspiration then BAM!

You see it.

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That’s all I really want to do this year in a nutshell. Plain and simple.


With that said, I leave you my new favorite jam that has been getting me pumped to make it through each day feeling like I’m Rocky in that scene where he runs up those infamous steps to personal victory… Everything I want to accomplish this year won’t be easy. It’s going to take work and dedication but I’ll do it because I want to… And whenever I feel like waiting until tomorrow, I’ll remind myself to start today because I’m doing it for myself. Trophies… Annnd it’s 1:13am now. Good night. Or Good morning depending on when you read this. Please excuse the typos if there are any. Over and out.

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  • Isn't it awesome when a quote just sums up everything you've been thinking? I LOVE this one. And the "never stop learning"….yessss!!!! so great.

    PS….what is an instagram meet up?

  • <3

  • What an excellent quote. I think it's so important to keep learning and growing. That's my whole goal this year. :)

  • Bianca's poster is definitely on my want list. Such great sentiment. I am also following feelings more this year than a long list of striving. Buon anno!