I Like My Eggs Firm… Mooooo

I LOVE Breakfast … It’s my favorite meal of the day. It’s so versatile … I can eat breakfast for Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner!!! My favorite thing to do after a crazy night out is to go to the diner around the corner from where I live. They make the best corn beefed hash!  I like to get my eggs over medium and let the soft yolk oooze over the hash …  Throw that combination on a piece of toast and I’m in heaven.

When Charles and I ever go out to eat … We make sure to order two completely different meals so we can eat off each other’s plates. It’s our way of making sure we get a well rounded meal. As a couple, food plays a huge role in our relationship.

When we first started dating, I used to hate sharing my food with him because he always took big manly bites of my food… Which was plain unfair to me because when I would taste his food, my bites weren’t as big.  6 years later, I’m over it… Love will make you more open to sharing … With the exception of chocolate …  I’m still pretty stingy when it comes to sharing any of my chocolate desserts …  I try to eat them as fast as I can before he asks for a taste.

Firmoo contacted me to do a product review a while ago in exchange for a free pair of glasses.
Yea … Not really an offer I could turn down … I finally got around to wearing the frames I chose from their line of affordable glasses this past weekend when Charles and I went to get food from my diner.
And because I have the “best timing”, I figured Charles might as well take pics of me and my new prescription glasses while I was feeling hungover and had not one bit of makeup on  = Seriously wishing I knew how to airbrush my dark eye circles and the pimple off my chin in these pics lol. The frames are a bit different from what I’m used to but the whole point was to try something new. I like to think they bring out the brown in my eyes …

{Typical fogging up action as I was drinking my tea haha}
I’ve had glasses since the 3rd grade and when I finally got contacts in the 10th grade … I was uber estactic to get rid of my four eyes, ditch the nerd look and bring out the “pretty” girl. Since then, I’ve been a contacts whore … rarely ever wearing my glasses out in public. A
recent visit to my eye doctor informed me that I’m starting to develop
an astigmatism in my left eye as a result of wearing my contacts so much (still don’t get how that’s possible)  … Basically meaning get back to wearing my glasses more or else become cross
eyed by the time I’m fifty. {okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme}
As A Kid … I remember hearing my mom and dad talk about how much my glasses cost them to pay for out of pocket. I
remember feeling sooooo guilty and not wanting to tell them when I
broke my glasses by accident because I knew it meant they would have to
spend money they really couldn’t afford to dish out. I
went to school for a year in the 6th grade with my broken glasses taped
together, was made fun of by kids in my class but didn’t care because I’d rather look funny than ask my parents for a new
pair of glasses. {I did eventually get a new pair of glasses … that I broke again later … It was/is a never ending cycle …}
Nowadays … Glasses have become super fashionable … a way to add to a person’s character. Nowadays, I know I’m pretty from the inside out and not the other way around. Nowadays, I’m blind as a bat and pay for my own glasses… The perks of being an adult.  Nowadays, I hear my fellow four eyed friends complain about dropping $100-$200 on a pair of prescription glasses.

Firmoo is the perfect alternative to those who cannot afford Don’t care about name brand frames. They
have a great selection of trendy frames that give you the option to
choose prescription/ non-prescription and/or sunglasses/tinted lenses. What’s great is that most of the frames on their site cost less than $20 including the charge of lenses, prescription or not.  The highest price for a pair of frames I saw on their website while browsing was $50 … The cheapest $8.
The Boom Factor:
Firmoo has an awesome deal for their first time customers. Your First Pair of Glasses from Firmoo are FREE!  You only have to pay for shipping. Like forreal, there’s no catch :)

The hardest part about ordering from their site for me was inputting my “Pupillary Distance” in the prescription section of my order … a.k.a. The distance between my pupils.  There I was in my bathroom in front of the mirror with a fabric ruler in front of my face … Not sure if I put the correct distance in my prescription but so far so good …  I can see quite well with my glasses ;)
Other than that … My glasses came within two weeks of my order in a snazzy case that came with a screwdriver kit to maintain my glasses. And despite being cheaply priced, their frames DON’T look or feel cheaply made. My frames felt sturdy on my face and were very comfortable to wear.
And that’s that … This is my honest review of Firmoo and their glasses/site/etc.

Now Go Get Your First Pair for Free!
(with a lil shipping on the side)
xo, Setarra
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  • Breakfast anytime of day is great!

    Happy Tuesday!

  • LOVE those glasses on you!

  • Kim

    Omgs!! That corned beef hash. I miss it! We need to go visit you again and go to that diner!!


  • Lovely breakfast, dear!
    I love this too. :p
    Have a good time today, kisses ;*

  • looooove those glasses and I'm totally with you on a being a big fan of breakfast. Regardless of your so called "dark circles and pimple", (which are non existent) you look gorgeous! xoxo

  • This post was just so many great things in one!
    I, too, love breakfast! Not only is it delicious but it's important :) 2nd, how adorable are you and your charles!? LOVE. And 3rd, Firmoo has been popping up everywhere on the blogging-sphere. I definitely have to get myself a pair :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  • Those glasses look so cute on you! And I love how you admit you hated sharing food at first, I have to say I'm a little bit the same way with Rob. I'll share because I love him but it's not the easiest thing in the world.. haha

  • Those look so cute on you! And I keep hearing about people getting a screwdriver kit with their's…mine must have gotten lost in the mail!

  • Okay yum! Your breakfast looks delish!! Super cute glasses!


  • If there's one thing that I'm missing more than anything right now, it's breakfast! Now that I'm detoxing for 20 days, just looking at food has become an undiscussed hobby. LOL. Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed. And great glasses ;].


  • Okay they emailed me too and I thought it was too good to be true, so I dismiss them. I need to take them seriously.
    Also, be glad the bf will share food. I have a somewhat stingy one on my hands (just about food, not love).

    And you don't look hungover at all! You look lovelyyy!

  • i need to take more time out to have breakfast in the morning…usually i settle for something small, but your spread looks amazing! new to your blog by way of the wiww linkup and glad to have found your creative spot on the web;)


  • I like the idea of ordering two different meals so that you can share. That's smart eating. lol I will have to remember that for whenever I decide to start dating.

    Your glasses look great. I'm still waiting on mine, but can't wait.

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    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
    Yours. Have a nice day. !

    Follow me on facebook fanpage and blog
    I'm very concerned about this, please. :)

  • You are SO cute in your new glasses!!!

    I understand about the big manly bites!! Hahha…."just a taste" isn't the same for us as it is for them! :-)

  • I love breakfast too…and I totally agree with sharing and the big manly bits…LOL! Almost 4 years later it doesnt bother me now…before I used to look like "SERIOUSLY" LOL

    Stopping by from "Quite" the Blog Linkup…new follower!

  • first of all, your breakfast looks amazing…and it makes me wish I had some food in the house so I can make something similar haha

    and second of all, those glasses look amazing on you.