Honest Humpday // I Won’t Give Up If You Won’t Give Up


I’m not here today to say anything eloquent or profound.

I know myself and I am the worst when it comes to articulating my feelings and thoughts into coherent sentences during times of extreme emotion..

Last night was a very hard pill to swallow. I choked. I almost threw it up but that pill went down.

The realist in me can’t dwell on the “what ifs” or the “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve”.

The poll results are in and they are final. That is that.

The only way I’ve gotten through these last 24 hours is to focus on moving one step at a time. Doesn’t matter how big or small just as long as each step is in the direction of forward.

I’m allowing myself the time to process and practice mental self-care… And you should too.

I’m also going to keep on reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day and that the day after that is a new day and after that… Because I refuse to give up hope.

I refuse to believe that the majority of the U.S. supports He Who Must Not Be Named. And they don’t, let’s always remember that Clinton won the popular vote.

I refuse to feel helpless and silenced.

I refuse to consider the possibility of not blogging in a time where as a blogger of color, having the ability to control how we’re represented online in contrast to how popular media represents us online is so important.

I just refuse.

I generally stay away from politics and social issues on my blog because I prefer for these conversations to happen in person but I’ve never felt more motivated to use my voice on this platform.

How that motivation will manifest exactly? I’m not sure but the simmer has definitely moved its way to a boil.

All I know is that I have no intention or desire to even joke about moving to Canada.

My ass is staying right here in America.

This is my country and I’m not going to cop out and leave at a time when it needs its people to come together for the sake of continuing the fight for progress and change.

And so today, I’m simply here to let you know that this isn’t over.

If anything, it’s just the beginning and I won’t give up if you won’t give up.