If The Jungle Had Walls

This marks my second time going to a zoo this year… As I’m working on this transitional move to the VA area, the need to explore NYC has become even more urgent. As such, a trip to the Bronx Zoo was only proper. If I had to compare the DC National Zoo to the Bronx Zoo … The DC Zoo wins hands down for the simple fact that it’s free. General Admission to the Bronx Zoo is $16 per person and you have to pay a bit more to get in to certain exhibits… Ew. But at least the animals were lively on the day we came to visit and gave a good show which made for some great snapshots!

I don’t know about you but visiting the zoo is exciting and depressing all at the same time … Exciting because of all the childhood zoo memories I’m reminded of each time I visit… Depressing because visiting the zoo as a grown up … I wonder if the animals are truly happy where they are and then get sad because some of the species are on the brink of extinction and there is not other choice for them but to remain a zoo animal … Hmmm. 
Confession Alert & Kinda Off Subject: Before I decided to pursue dance and the arts as a career at the young age of 13, I wanted to be a marine biologist and study dolphins … The Flipper movie got me hooked. To this day, dolphins remain my favoritest animal of all…

Have You Been To The Zoo Lately??

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  • I have been. :D I go to Cape May Zoo at least once a year, It's free as well (but you can give donations.)


    Was my latest trip in June.

  • I know what you mean about being conflicted about the zoo! If you love dolphins, don't watch (or maybe you should watch) The Cove. Its soooo sad and it changed the way I feel about all the movies and exhibits about dolphins….

  • Aaaah I need to go back to the Bronx Zoo!

  • like Evani said, I heard about the Cove and refused to watch it because it will probably make me very very angry with the world.

    Dolphins are one of my fav, besides dogs & bunnies. I really really wanna swim with dolphins.

  • I have the same happy/sad feeling about the zoo. Don't you love the peacocks walking around? My favorite was when the person working there said, no they are allowed to …. and that is how there ended up one being loose in the Bronx one day, LOL .

  • Great pic's!!! I love Zoo's and haven't been since my kids were small:(( I need to put some of these on my list!!
    Just dropping in from "A Lovely Blog Hop" to meet you and follow via GFC:))


  • I LOVE the Bronx Zoo!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I love the zoo so these photos are awesome to me. I've actually never heard of a *free* zoo. Ugh. That'd be awesome, but I do always wonder how happy the animals are too.


  • Awesome pictures! My family and I went to the san diego zoo last year while we were on vacation. We have a membership to the phoenix zoo, but we don't plan on using it much this summer since it's way too hot in AZ!

    stopping by and following along via a lovely hop. ;)

    maria @ This life's beautiful moments

  • I like the zoo because I get to see all the animals, but it makes me sad that they're all locked up in confined spaces.

    I need to make a trip to the zoo here. It's been awhile.

    Also, when I was younger I went to a Buddhist Temple in Hawaii that had a ton of peacocks and one pecked me when I tried to feed. I still think they're beautiful though. #random