I’m Broke

At least until my next paycheck …The second paycheck of the month always goes towards next month’s rent and my college loan payments (which are ridiculously huge payments … why did I get my degree in dance again??? lol). This means I have a much smaller free spending budget to work with to get me through the next week and a half and it’s entirely doable.
I do this every month. It just means no going out, no eating out, no major travels, no shopping ….  (I don’t like Black Friday or Cyber Monday anyways.) I refer to this time of the month as my “anti-social week”. Don’t call me to go out for drinks or happy hour because I will shut you down with a “Sorry, No Can Do.” But it’s also during this week of the month that I learn new recipes to cook at home, read books, do laundry and simply refocus my energy back into myself …
Meg’s Crystal Collection
Garlic Mashed Potatoes I made … Thanks Paula Dean for the recipe!
We still have our decorations from Halloween up … We can’t let go lol.
Meg and Moi.

I guess that’s why I was cool with having a real chill Thanksgiving dinner at home last night since I’m transitioning into “homebody” mode. I’ll be home this weekend working on my CV …  WTF! The hardest, most mind boggling thing to format ever!!! I’ll also be working out in preparation for Barbados and catching up on Duck Dynasty episodes … Maybe I’ll take a walk around the neighborhood since the weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past couple of days…
Does anyone else have an “anti-social week”? How do you get through these broke couple of days???
xo, Setarra

  • gurl… i have my anti-social every other week! when i'm broke, i just sloth in my bed with the computer. sad but true!

  • Yes! We definitely have these weeks too. It's hard but one thing I've learned to ease the pain a little bit is to space out the payments. I've automated everything from my bank account so that each paycheck, half of my portion of the rent is paid automatically (and the same goes for my loans, etc). That way, I have a little leftover from each check. Let me know if you want help setting it up!

  • All the time! Thankfully I have one spot I can hang out at where I can see all my friends and listen to good music and not pay a dime. Then again this works out in my favor because I'm not really a drinker so I'm happy with water. Funny thing is, people often offer to buy my a drink and I often decline. I wonder if it's because they know I don't really drink and know I'll probably say no. Ha!

  • Currently eating pasta + pesto for lunch, Total cost = 2.00 euro vs. usual 8 euro :) I usually spend loads on food, buying something that's convenient or over exuberant but it definitely helps to plan ahead + avoid buying groceries when starving! Oh, and pot noodle. LOADS of pot noodle dinners!