In Case You Were Wondering…

I Woke Up Like Dis… In honor of Beyonce’s “Flawless” and the general movement to embrace natural beauty, here are a few selfies of what I look like post-snooze-ville. And when I think about it, it’s been a long while since I’ve worn makeup..  #nofilter

2. I usually blog on M, W & F… But today I’m blogging on a Tuesday which means I can abide by the T & TH blog schedule. Woot Woot! One less blog post to work on!

Christmas came early for me and Charles!!!  We got our Mac Book Pro and iPad Air this past week annnnd I love them sooo much!!!

4. Every time I look at how many followers I have on Twitter, I bust out laughing soooo hard!! I blame joining Twitter late in the game (like 3 months ago) as the reason for having less than 100 hundred followers. But the truth is I don’t really even like Twitter… I was psychologically coerced into getting a handle because that’s what bloggers do.. Seriously tho, I think the whole situation is hilarious. 

5. I briefly mentioned it before that Charles and I are planning a 2 week euro-trip for summer 2014.

We had originally planned on going to Paris, Rome and Croatia… But over this past weekend, we changed our plans to Paris annnnnnd Iceland! (and possibly Barcelona but I won’t get hype about that until it happens) I found out that Icelandiair offers a free stopover to Iceland for up to 7 days between DC and France and it’s a deal we couldn’t pass up! It took a while to talk Charles into Iceland because to him a vacation isn’t a vacation if it’s not warm or at the beach. But once I showed him couple Youtube videos about Iceland, he was hooked. Besides (in his words) “When was the last time you saw a Black Man in Iceland”??? Exactly… Charles plans on being the “first”. ;)

I’ve been in a “listing” mood lately with recent blog posts. I think it helps to divide my thoughts up into different bullet points when writing.. Everything seems much clearer that way.


7. Charles and I started Insanity yesterday! I took a “before” picture but that ish will not be posted publicly until after the workouts are done and I can show off my “after” pictures… All I know is that I better not lose my butt after I complete this 60 day workout. I want to lose everything else on my body.. just not my butt.

8. Many people have Pinterest… Moi, I have Tumblr. I don’t really publicize it much on here or elsewhere but I still actively use it as vision board-ish… If you’re looking to see what inspires me visually and aesthetically on the daily, you can check out my Tumblr here.

9. I need to find a part time job to help finance this euro-trip… Starting in January, I hope to find a side gig and save up some money. #grindin

10.  T-Minus 10 days until I’ll be back in NYC. Can you believe that it’s been 5 months since I moved away!?!? Time has flown by sooo fast! I can’t wait to go back and immerse myself in the energy of the NYC… I_simply_can’t_wait :)

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  • I am going to Barcelona and Iceland in 2014 too. I am pretty much obsessed with seeing Iceland so I think you will love it. Also, I'll look for you Insanity post, I've been thinking about doing it too!

  • Your hair is so gorgeous, you know!

  • I am dying to do Insanity! And yay for the Macbook Pro! And you are gorgeous when you wake up! So jealous!

  • I simply can't wait to see you! And hopefully, maybe meet Charles?! As for point #1, just shut up with your wake up gorgeous photos!

  • There's nothing like NYC at Christmas time! Glad you will be back here soon! Enjoy every moment of it :)

  • Followed you on Tumblr you hot thang, you!

  • Twitter is a sickness. A disease. So I say after 10k+ tweets. And insanity? You go head girl.

  • Good luck with insanity. I completed it for about two weeks and gave up, but I didn't have a partner that I was doing it with. So jealous of your Europe trip! It sounds fun.

  • Yay for a new computer!!! Also, can I see you when you're here? :)

  • I'm a list person as well. I so wish I looked that beautiful when I just wake up. You would run…RUN if you saw me in the morning. :) OK, a europe trip this summer?!??!?!?! Yes!!! You should get a side job teaching dance or yoga somewhere!

  • new Macbook?!! so jealous, lady!

  • that is so exciting about your trip!! i'm especially intrigued about Iceland as I've never been. i'm also envious of the new laptops – mine bit the dust a couple of months ago and although E is lovely about sharing his, i miss having my own! x

  • I love everything about this post! Especially your MacBook, and Paris with Fireworks, and wondering what to do about Twitter. I honestly don't know why anyone follows me – I love tweeting nonsense, all day, er'day. Also – look into bar tending because it's the easiest/fastest and best money you'll ever make.