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Sooo I finally did it! I went to my first ever Instagram Meet Up this past weekend annnd had such an ah-mazing time filled with creative inspiration! What is an Instagram Meet Up, you ask? Wellll it’s when a group of people who have the same passion for photography and Instagram decide to meet up, take pictures together and share them on the Instagram platform using an assigned hashtag. Whether it’s taking pictures on an iPhone or a DSLR camera, the whole idea behind it is to bring together and build a community of people who share the same interest. In blogging terms, it’s almost like blate; expect the common factor in this situation is Instagram. And while I don’t consider myself a legit photographer, it is a hobby I am interested in developing further… Which is why I love Instagram. It allows anyone, including your average Joe, to take photos and turn them into mini pieces of art. Annnd depending on who you follow, it gives you visual access to the lifestyle of a people in various parts of the world; the “local perspective”. Which to me is more important than the “tourist perspective” especially when I’m researching places to check out.  Case in point, many of the restaurants I’ve gone to recently were found through Instagram. If one of my friend’s posts a picture of a super yummy burger and tags the location, I will most definitely find out where that place is and make a note to try the burger out for myself.. Instagram gives you visual access to the world and since I am most definitely a visual person and learner, this makes all the difference in how I prefer to find out about places and events.
Since moving down to the DMV, I started following the @IGDC handle which I later learned hosted Instagram meet-ups in the DC area… And when I found out that they were hosting a meet-up this past Saturday during a time that I was available, I knew I had to take part and see what it was all about for myself…     

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^^^All photos take with my Canon Rebel T3i.

At 12:30pm this past Saturday, a group of about 25 people came together to explore the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and beyond. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay the entire time since I had to meet with Charles for our dinner date in Old Town but during my time there: I watched, I learned and I was inspired… We were presented with the same environment and scenarios but each person’s photo was completely different, a peek into their personal perspective. Check out the hashtag #nytimeswashingtonposts to see for yourself! With that said, I can’t wait for the next meet up! :)

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  • That's so cool! Pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures is my favorite. Your new camera takes such nice photos, too.

  • I'm gonna have to find this Insta-Meet Up here in Atlanta. This looks way to fun and I'm sure it was too. Lovely pictures #teamcanon

  • This looks so cool! I'd definitely go to something like that!

  • That sounds, and looks, pretty fun! I wonder if they have these all over?

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week :)

  • Well this is awesome! Pittsburgh has Twitter meet ups but I've never been to one because sometimes I'm secretly shy lol


  • That looks so fun!

  • That sounds so fun! I live near DC and would love to do something like this!

  • I would definitely consider you a photographer. I was thinking that during your Restaurant week photos.

    This is incredible. Like…I'm not sure even what to say about it. The only thing is that I kept wishing there was a video along with it.

    I was seriously inspired just by reading this post (the GIF jumping pose, the balloons, the lights!!) and how awesome to connect with some many creatives in your area. This is amazinggggg!!!!!

    Now off to go stalk all the pictures.

  • I need to start following the instagram page because I would of totally went to this. Looks like fun.