CapturedGrams 10.14

^^ What If We Could Dive Into The Sky?? Where My Thoughts Go When I’m Dreaming…

^^ Thai Date Night w/ Durell & Celebrating My Niece’s 1st Birthday – She Was Not Impressed haha

^^ Reflections Off Corporate Building Sides & Nom Nom Nom Pho 
^^ A Distinctive Portrait That Caught My Eye & Byron, One Of The Coolest People I Know.
^^ The Newly Renovated Starbucks Near My Job (love the hanging books) & A Sneak Peek From Our Wedding Day
^^ I Got The New iPhone6 & Yummy Pineapple Fried Rice
^^ Trying To Get Back Into The Workout Zone & One Of My Favorite Doors In Amsterdam
^^ Precious Baby Bump Photo & A Fall Sunset To Compliment The Changing Leaves

^^ A Fortune Cookie Quote I’ve Held Onto Since Last Year & Celebrating My Dad’s 49th Birthday 

^^ Trying Out The New Burger Joint In Town & One Of My Favorite Moments In France
^^ Celebrating Charles’s 28th Birthday w/ Tres Leches Cake <3
^^ Happy Balloons To Brighten The Rainy Weather & Looking Down on The Brookland Metro Station in D.C.
^^ Skate Park Photoshoot in Amsterdam & My Adorable Cousin, Jordan
^^ Another Day, Another Sunset & A Bird’s Eye View Of My GreekYogurt Parfait
^^ Love Letters & Deep In Thought By The Firepit
^^ Tea Time Love  & Looking Up Into The Trees… I Love Fall In Virginia.
^^ Our Costumes For Halloween: 
Charles was a Jimi Hendrix Impersonator and I was a “Girl with Straight Hair.” This was my first time straightening my hair in almost 3 years. Alot of people didn’t recognize me at first  when they saw with my straight hair on Halloween so I think my “costume” was pretty darn effective haha!

According to my Instagram photos, October in a nutshell was crazy busy and it’s looking like November is going to be even busier. I’ve got my dance concert going down in 2 weeks and a huge paper and presentation to work on for my grad school classes that are due the first week in December. My goal this month is to pop out at least 1-2 blog posts a week on Quaintrelle. I think that’s the most I can handle with everything else I’m juggling. Instagram is my favorite form of social media and where you can find me most consistently when I’m not blogging. As always, feel free to follow along @setarrra. Happy, Happy Monday! 

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  • I always love your grams!! and i like the straight hair on you, but boy is that tough to do!

  • Your dad…. is FOIIIINE!!!!

  • Love following you on Instagram! So many great photos.


  • i love your insta feed! makes me happy :) and 1-2 posts a week is good going, i know you can do it! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • I'm in love with your niece's face on her birthday!! Kids are the best.

    How can you look so amazing with curly hair AND straight hair?! I don't think I've ever seen your hair straight before…so beautiful!