It Is So Simple. You Just Need To Love Chocolate.

Ask anyone who knows me… They’ll tell you all the same thing: I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Blame it on my Grams for cultivating the sweet tooth of mine at a young age but I can’t help it… I eat some kind of ‘chocolate something’ everyday.

So when I heard about Max Brenner in Union Square, I knew I HAD to go and let my tastebuds validate for themselves all the hype I had heard about this esteemed chocolate dessert destination. The minute we walked in the door, I was hit with the aroma of chocolate wafting through the air. It was quite heavenly. Just like it’s main ingredient, the interior of the restaurant reflected the hues of chocolate. The lighting was low and very intimate … But boy, It was PACKED. I was so glad I made reservations ahead of time because when Charles and I arrived for our reservation at 9:15pm, there was an hour and a half wait for people who were trying to walk in with no reservation!
Charles … 100% Pure Chocolate ;)
“The Bald Man” doesn’t even exist in real life. Just some made up marketing ploy … That works.
The lighting was very romantical.
Wall Decor.
Charles got the O.M.G Chocolate Chunk Cookie with a side of ice cream.
I got the Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake. You can check out their menu here.
Oh Snap For Chocolate!
Annnd crushed.

You know that moment when you’re torn between getting the chocolate fondue dessert to share with your significant other for the sake of being romantic or ordering dessert separately for the sake of not wanting to share? Well… Charles and I had a Rock, Paper, Scissors Match to decide what we wanted to order. If Charles won, we would get the chocolate fondue. If I won, we would order separate desserts. From the pictures above you can obviously tell that I won. Which was just perfect because, deep down, the girl inside who is a chocolate feign didn’t really want to share anyways … Hehe. More For Me!

P.S. The shirt I’m wearing … You can get it here :)

xo, Setarra

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  • first i love your shirt. and Mmmmmmm! chocolate.

  • Their food is good too! I got their Avocado BLT and OMG AMAZING!!!!!!

  • WOW that food looks amazing!
    Stop by some time

  • oh my gosh, this place looks like heaven. crazily when i was a kid, i hated chocolate. luckily i grew out of that phase and loooove it now!

  • I LOVE Max Brenner! It's been too long since I've paid the bald man a visit…

  • I need to go here. Never heard of such a place and now I won't be able to get it out of my mind. So thanks! ;)

  • Oh my gosh! I want everything – it all looks so good! (Guess that's why I'm dating 100% chocolate too haha)


  • ahhh that place looks so good.

  • That place looks like heaven! Im not a HUGE chocolate lover…but I know when you get a craving…this seems like the place to go!

  • Annnnnd I need to go here. Soon. Real soon.

  • "Oh snap"….bring this place to Austin. Not only does it look delish…I am loving the decor!!

  • Ohhhhh my. I am #1 chocolate fan over here. I'm glad you won, because the separate desserts was a great idea!

  • hahaha! i'm so glad that you won rock, paper, scissors.. i definitely would not have shared!!! this looks AMAZING!