Jay Z & Beyonce Performed At Our Wedding Reception… Kind Of.

setarra beyonce jay z concert

Following our wedding ceremony at the D.C. CourthouseCharles and I came home, changed out of our fancy gear into something more comfortable and jumped back into our truck. Destination = Baltimore. Purpose? To attend our “wedding reception” or at least, that was what we were calling it haha.


A little backstory: Leading up to our wedding day, we knew we wanted to celebrate afterwards. But we didn’t want to just go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant like we usually do when celebrating any type of special occasion.

Taking that into consideration, you can imagine our delight when Jay Z & Beyonce released the dates for their On The Run tour and we learned that they would be performing in Baltimore on July 7th… The date we had chosen to get married of all days!

For me and Charles, it was a sign from above that we had to get tickets for their concert because if you know me, then you know I looooooooove me some Beyonce and coincidentally, Charles is a big fan of Jay-Z’s too! Put those two artists together in one concert and boom, we were sold on the idea because who wouldn’t want to have Jay-Z and Beyonce perform at their “wedding reception”?!?!?!?!

End of backstory.

jay z beyonce on the run

We arrived in Baltimore a few hours before the show to meet up with our friends, Thomas & Rachel.

When we arrived, Thomas asked “How’s your day going so far guys?”

Charles responded real casually, “Pretty good. We got up, worked out and then went to the D.C. courthouse to get married.”

Thomas’s reaction was so funny because he was like, “Wait. What?! Ya’ll are are kidding right?”

“Nope,” I said.

Thomas was reallllly quiet then, looking back and forth between me and Charles. “Wait, so you are serious?”

“Yep”, I said.

A couple more seconds of silence and then “Holy shit guys! Congratulations! 1st round of drinks on me!”

We then went to grab some food before following the crowds to the M&T stadium, where Jay Z and Beyonce were scheduled to perform.

IMG_1260 jay z beyonce on the runIMG_1257 IMG_1259

An hour later, the show began and  it was ah-mazing! Unfortunately, the photo below was the only one I snapped because I was soooooo into the concert.

jay z beyonce on the run

Whenever Beyonce came on stage, I would jump up and start singing along at the top of my lungs. Whenever Jay- Z came on, Charles would get up and do his “I’m too cool for this” bounce haha. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to close out our special day.

Soooo yea, it may not be completely true about the whole Beyonce & Jay Z performing at our “wedding reception”… But if anybody asks, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it ;)

jay z beyonce concert on the run

If you missed part 1 of our wedding day, you can read about it here. The third and final installment of this week’s wedding/anniversary themed series will go up on Friday! Until then, I wish you a very happy hump day!

  • I read the title like “whaaaaat no way??” lol Its like you got a discount performance for your reception lol.

    • Exactly! There’s no way we could’ve afforded to have them really perform at a legit wedding reception, so this was as close as it was going to get haha.

  • I too had to re-read the title myself lol but you did pay the money to see her so yea she did sing at her you wedding reception. You guys are just too cute, LOVE IT!

    • Hahaha! It’s all about perspective right? ;)

  • Leslie Helu Barton

    I love it!!!! <3

  • Stick with the story, it’s super fun ;) Had they known, you guys would have been on stage. And that’s MY story!

    • Bahahaha! If we had gone up on stage, I would’ve pissed my pants off in excitement haha.