July Happening

I don’t know about you but July? July was a month of many highs and many lows – overall, a very busy, transitional month hence my blog silence these past couple of weeks. But now that things are settling down, it’s time to get back in zone and represent for my little corner of the world wide web.

Usually, for these monthly happening updates, I focus on the highlights of each month but I think for the sake of keeping it real (because July was a real one), I’m going to share a few of the lows as well.


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High 1) Charles and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on July 7th! We took the day off from work, went and saw The Shallows (2 thumbs up from the both of us), grabbed dinner at Chopt and closed the evening with ice cream cake (and cough cough, the “nasty”). All in all, a pretty simple day filled with lots of love. I really appreciate that we don’t put pressure ourselves to go all out and do something extravagant for every anniversary – sometimes it’s nice to be low key and just hang with each other.

Low 2) The evening before our anniversary, we learned about the death of Alton Sterling and the next morning, we woke up to news about Philando Castile and were at a loss for words on how to proceed… Despite our attempts to maintain some sort of positive vibes throughout the day on our anniversary, deep down, we both mourned their deaths and raged against the circumstances in which they died. Then later that evening, we learned about the shooting in Dallas and of the officers and civilians who were killed and it just felt like the pain and suffering would never end.

Add the attacks and bombings that took place around the world plus the circus surrounding the campaigning for our country’s next President and he who must not be named (because I refuse to give him any more publicity than he already has) and well, need I say more about how unbelievably crazy July was?

It’s been hard. Heck, it’s still hard because it’s still happening (and been happening) regardless of whether the media covers every crazy incident/event or not.

Hard on my heart. Hard on my husband. Hard on my family. Hard on my friends. Hard on the world.

In particular – As a mixed woman with a black husband, and many black family members and friends, who also happens to be the daughter of a retired D.C. police officer, my situation has been a bit complicated to navigate and bridge for the sake of healing on all sides but it’s coming along as more uninhibited conversations are taking place in person. Emphasis on in person which is where more these conversations need to happen, in mixed environments with people of all colors and background – open ears and hearts required.

The realist in my gut is telling me that it’s only going to get harder before things truly change for the better because change takes time, especially as it pertains to unconscious bias. But regardless of how long it takes, I refuse to give up hope that things will get better.

july happening #blackandyellowhome ^^ A little messy but it’s coming along :)

High 3) Charles and I moved into our new apartment! This transition took up the majority of our time in July since we had to be moved out of our old place by August 1st. Charles and I went to work during the day and spent every evening packing and purging our household items. I’m so proud of us because we got rid of alot of stuff (clothes, furniture, sentimental paper things <- the hardest to part ways with) which helped make the change from living in an 800 sq. ft. apartment to a 600 sq. ft. apartment so much easier. It was an exhausting couple of weeks but now that the hard part of moving is finally over, the fun part of making our new place feel like home can begin!

Low 6) Fitness Update/ Weigh In: Ummmmm workout? What’s that? I don’t think I worked out at all in the month of July unless you count moving furniture and heavy boxes up and down 3 flights of steps from one place to another as a workout. Life’s been so busy that whenever I did have free time, all I wanted to do was nothing. But now that things are finally settling down, I really have no excuse for my lack of activity.

One perk about our move is that I am now less than 10 minutes away from my favorite hot yoga studio in Northern VA (I used to live 20 minutes away). My goal is to get my ass back on my yoga grind because it’s been almost a whole year since I’ve taken a legit yoga class in a studio. I do free 30-45 min. Youtube yoga videos every once in a while but nothing beats being in a heated studio with an instructor for 75 min. to guide me through the poses/stances in person. While this does come with a price, I need to start thinking of paying for these classes as an investment in my health. Heck, an investment in myself. Something I need to invest in more often…

National Arboretum Proposal in D.C.National Arboretum Proposal in D.C. National Arboretum Proposal in D.C.

High 5) I had the opportunity to shoot a surprise proposal at the National Arboretum in D.C. It was such a fun gig since it required me to hide and be ready to jump out at a moment’s notice to capture the special moment my client got down on one knee to propose to his future bride. Definitely a moment of light and happiness last month. Don’t you just love love?


1) My mom is flying down from Chicago to visit for a couple of days!

2) Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays… August is a big month for birthdays among my friends and family.

3) Getting back in the blog zone. My goal is to blog at least 2 times a week this month. 3 if I’m feeling ambitious. Just gonna approach blogging one post at a time :)

With that said, how’s life happening on your side of the online world?

  • Whitney

    Nice to see you around these parts!

    July was crazy for sure.

    Thank you for addressing the shootings. As someone of mixed race I face the world everyday as a black woman. With a black father, a black brother, black male cousins…so its weighed heavy on my heart. I also have a very diverse group of friends, so I found myself explaining things like white privileged, or what its like for me as a law abiding black female citizen to be pulled over, or why black people are so upset. I agree with you, I’m glad I was able to have those conversations in person face to face, but the constant explanations were also emotionally draining.

    Congrats on the successful move/purge. We’ve been in our new place for a year and I feel like we are gaining too much new junk. I need to do a ‘we aren’t moving but what if we were purge for sure!’.

    • Thanks Whitney!

      And I agree, having to constantly explain the “why” and “how” of why any of this should matter to people of different perspectives can definitely be be draining but it’s so worth it to have these conversations. I try to approach these conversations from a place of it not being about “I’m right, you’re wrong” but from a place of “I just want you to listen and try to understand and then decide for yourself what you’re going to do with the information I’ve shared with you.”

      Purging our stuff was a little tough at first but once we got in zone, we were throwing away or donating stuff like crazy. Getting rid of paper, junk mail (I have a bad habit of not throwing away mail lol) took the longest to go through but we eventually got rid of almost all of it. You and Boomer can do it! You should give yourself an incentive of something to treat yourself to after you’re done purging :)

  • Yea you definitely one heck of a month but I’m glad the move was too stressful and even more happy to see back on my bloglovin feed lol.

    July has seriously been a lot of high’s and low’s especially with the recent police shootings and showing the funeral of Sterling’s son I seriously just lost it. You fake the type of emotion and I can’t even imagine what both families are going through then the two people that decided to take matters into their own hands and kill cops. I just don’t know about the world today but like you said it’s only going to get worse before it gets any better!

    • Thanks Valla, I’m glad to be back :) July was definitely one for the books. Here’s hoping the rest of 2016 is on the come up – insert “praying hands emoji” here. xo

  • Rae

    Congrats on the new place and Happy Belated Anniversary! I’m glad that you all were able to take some time and celebrate your anniversary. And I completely agree with you: you don’t always have to be extravagant to make a statement. It really is the thought that counts.

    It’s still a little rough out here in Baton Rouge. Tension here and there and protests are still happening although you don’t hear about it too much now. The media has a way of causing deflection when they deem it appropriate. But that’s a conversation for another day whenever I even have the energy to talk about that. I was having a conversation with a few friends of mine and we both agreed that we just hope that the world can get better at least for our children’s sake. I honestly don’t see it happening in my lifetime.

    • Thank you Rae! And I totally agree about the media and the role they play in controlling how the world sees, hears about what’s going on and also controls when the world moves on based on when they stop providing coverage. Definitely praying for things to get better, if not for our lifetime – at least our future kids and their kids ifetime. xo

    • Just hearing about the flooding in Baton Rouge and am hoping/praying that you and your family are safe and ok!

  • I feel like July flew by!!! Definitely was eventful around the world. Glad to see you are doing so well! My summer has been jam packed with trips, summer school, and juggling 3 jobs. August has been much better. More relaxing and more pool time! I just came home from being in DC area for a week. My parents live in Fredricksburg and my best friends live in Fairfax. Im starting to love that area more and more! But I can’t handle the traffic so I dont think I would ever move! lol

    • Oh man, I used to live in Vienna (like 5 minutes away from Fairfax) am now based out of Arlington. The traffic is soooo bad, I take the metro whenever I can to avoid 66 because it’s ridiculous during rush hour annnnd sometimes on the weekends haha. And 3 jobs??? You better hustle Nikki! xo