June Happening

Today’s post is a long one (June was a very happening month) so grab a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable :)

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1) Let’s begin with a pretty awesome milestone = My blog turned 4 a couple weeks ago!

And while I usually go full out and commemorate this occasion with its own separate post, I want to keep it chill this year. With that said, my focus for Year 5 is to “Blog Like No One Is Watching“. What that means exactly, I’m not sure. All I know is that as I brainstorm ideas for what to share on this space, I will ask myself first “What would you blog about if no one was watching/reading?” and go from there… Pretty much, I want to approach blogging from a place of fearlessness.

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2) Our friend, Chris, turned 30 and he celebrated the occasion with a little get-together on his apartment’s rooftop in D.C. Add in yummy food from his grill (thanks for making my hot dogs burnt Chris) plus a few drinks and great friends? Fun times in city!


3) After a bit of searching and finding apartments we loved only to have them rented out 24 hours later by other people, Charles and I have finally locked in on an apartment and will be moving in at the end of July.

In last month’s happening post, I mentioned that we were looking to move into a place with cheaper rent so we could start saving for a down payment because our current apartment’s rent ($1525) wasn’t allowing us to do that. But our new place? It’s $1150 a month which means we’ll be able to start saving about $400 a month towards a down payment! Granted, it is a super cozy 600 sq.ft. compared to our current 800 sq.ft. apartment and the washer and dryer for the complex is located in the basement (we aren’t too excited about that) but we’re gaining wood floors, natural light (there’s a window in the kitchen and bathroom!) and more financial stability.

bridesmaid dress fitting bridesmaid dress fitting bridesmaid dress fitting

4) One of my best girlfriends from college, Tia, is getting married in November and as part the wedding planning, we all got together for bridesmaid dress fittings at David’s Bridal. The dresses in the photos above are not the actual dresses we’ll be wearing but the actual ones she decided on are gorgeous. Seriously can’t wait for her wedding to freaking happen. The overall concept for the wedding is so dope – it’s gonna be amazeballs.

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5) Father’s Day was a home cooked brunch celebration for my dad and brothers. More on this special Sunday here.

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6) My cousin, Molly, and her husband, Chris, recently moved to Japan for 2 years but before they left we had one last dinner at Kona Grill in Rosslyn. It was a bittersweet farewell but Charles and I more excited for them than bummed because this is such a great opportunity for them to live abroad and save money. We’re also excited for personal reasons because we most definitely plan on visiting them at some point in the next two years :)

^^ Love when my friends join me for workouts :)

7) Fitness Update / Weigh In: As far as fitness goes, the month of June was pretty good. I worked out 3-4 times a week consistently which was a huge improvement from my working out twice in the entire month of May. I’ve realized that my issue with working out is that I get bored easily so I’ve been switching up my routines and have found some success in this approach. Twice a week, I do the T25 dvd workouts. Then on Sundays, I do Kazaxe for 2 hours and at least once a week, I do 45 minutes to 1 hour of yoga at home via youtube.

As far as my weight, not much has changed. And that’s because I haven’t been gung-ho about dieting. I’ve been focusing on being more conscious about what and how much I eat but I haven’t gotten to a place where I feel motivated to start depriving myself of certain foods like bread… And rice… And chocolate. Nobody said the road to losing 30 lbs would be easy but at the same time, nobody said it had to be torture. I’ve got 10 months to lose 30 pounds before my 30th birthday and I’m going to let the process be gradual because I don’t want to yo-yo back and forth with my weight like I’ve done in the past when I follow strict diet plans.

Sooooo yea, I haven’t lost any weight but I feel so much better about myself than I did last month as a result of working out consistently and that’s progress.


1) 4 words: Jesse Williams’ BET Speech

2) Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books? YES PLEASE!

3) In a field that is majorly made up of female dancers, here’s an article that is finally highlighting something I’ve always had an issue with – the absence of female ballet choreographers. Don’t get me started on the fact that the majority of artistic directors for major dance companies are male too.

4) As much as I try to stay on top of current events, it can get a little depressing constantly reading negative news day in and day out. But I recently found this awesome site that focuses on sharing positive news from around the world and had to share with you. Because yes, there are alot of crazy bad things happening around the world but there are also some great, positive things that are happening as well that popular media doesn’t cover. I’m just trying to keep hope alive and this site helps me stay afloat.

5) Ummm, have you guys heard of Apartment Therapy? I am obsessed with their series “Small Spaces” which shares tips for how to make the most of living in (cough cough) small spaces. From space saving hacks to home tours that cover how real people make the most out of their little living spaces, it’s been a great source of information and inspiration for me and Charles as we prepare to move into a smaller apartment.


1) Our 2 year black and yellow wedding anniversary is coming up soon and I’ve got 2 posts prepped and ready to go out this week in celebration!


2) Purging and packing as we prepare to move into our new place!

How’s life happening on your side of the online world?


  • 4 years! Congrats :) That’s great!! Great news about your new apartment too, yay for saving and gaining extra light. Happy July to you!! :D

    • Thanks Marcella! I’m sooooo excited about having extra light. :) Happy July to you too! xo

  • Rae

    Congrats on the blogversary. I always seem to forget when another year passes for my blog. But after reading this post, I realized that it’s around 7 years old. LOL!

    Congrats on finding a new place. That difference in rent will definitely help you all throughout your journey to homeownership, which is very, very exciting.

    And girl, I absolutely LIVE for Apartment Therapy. I can honestly spend an entire day on AT combined with Pinterest. Those two are generally a disaster for my bank account.

    • Thank you Rae! So awesome that you’ve been blogging for 7 years – I hope to keep up with blogging for that long too! And YES, it is sooooooo easy to get sucked into Apartment Therapy and all its wonderful home design and decor glory haha. xo

  • I have never heard of apartment therapy until now and I’m definitely gonna check it out as I can now start to prepare the moving out process for myself.

    • Apartment Therapy is the bomb diggity. Be careful, it’s soooo easy to lose track of time while browsing haha. Where are you moving to? Still in Atlanta?

      • It may still be in Atlanta for now but I’ve been looking out of GA too I need a new scene lol