Walking The Key Bridge From Virginia To DC


From Virginia, the only way to gain access to DC is by bridge since the Potomac River marks the border between this state and its neighboring capitol city. Charles and I had a craving for Georgetown Cupcakes last night and decided to take the metro to the Rosslyn stop and walk across the Key Bridge instead of driving in. Since we’ve started working out consistently, the fiance and I have been trying to maintain an active lifestyle in our everyday lives so walking across the bridge was the perfect compromise before we stuffed ourselves with cupcakes.

The Key bridge is my favorite bridge to walk across because it has an awesome view from afar of the Georgetown Waterfront, the Kennedy Center for the Arts and The Washington Monument. It also always brings back memories from my days at Duke Ellington, a performing arts high school in DC located right up Wisconsin Ave. on R st. During half days or in between dance rehearsals, my girlfriends and I used to grab food, or go shopping or sit on the Waterfront and giggle as the preppy, cute ‘older’ boys from Georgetown or George Washington University walked by… Ooh to be sixteen and innocent again haha.

Actually, I take that back. Life at 26 is pretty darn good and me oh my, those cupcakes were even better! Don’t worry … More about the cupcakes later on this week :)