Last FriDate Night :)

^^ The Look of Love.

 I’ve never met an alcoholic drink I couldn’t down and finish… But last Fridate night, I met my match. Charles and I hadn’t planned on doing anything for Valentine’s Day. What with it snowing like crazy here in Northern VA, we wanted to keep a low-profile. But after two days of being stuck at home while Snowstorm Pax blew over, we had a small case of cabin fever. So out for dinner we went!

We contemplated hopping on the metro and hanging out in D.C. but decided to keep it local and try out the food at the Tequila Grande Mexican Cafe. Since moving into our place, we had driven by Tequila Grande plenty of times but never stopped by until now… And boy, we’ve been missing out!

^^ Creamy Queso

^^ Attaching two straws together for ‘easy access’ lol.
^^ I Got Pork & Chicken Tamales w/ Rice and Beans
^^ Charles Got The Crab & Shrimp Burrito w/ Rice and Beans
^^ Seriously Hoping The Alcohol Kills Any Germs That May Be On The Petals…
^^ Crushed

Tequila Grande totally blew us away with their Tex-Mex food. My pork and chicken tamales tasted like they were homemade and Charles’s shrimp & burrito? Well, let’s just say I didn’t need to ask him what his thoughts were since he kept moaning delightfully after each bite (food porn sounds).

And I can’t forget their Valentine’s Day Special: The Strawberry Frozen Margarita Gigante. This bad girl was 6 regular sized margaritas poured into one gigantic margarita glass! Charles and I shared this drink and by the time we got half way through, we started to feel like we were in an episode of Man vs. Food. The struggle turned extra real when we finished our meals because we were so full!

via @setarrra

But you know me: If I paid for the liquor, I’m gonna finish the liquor… And we had paid $25 for this big margarita! I wasn’t going to let a drop go to waste. So after the waitress cleared our plates, we took turns passing the glass back in forth across the table for the other person to take a sip until it was gone…  It took us almost 30 minutes to finally drain it down (we ate chips and drank water in-between as well – gramma) but we did it! In the war of man vs. drink, this battle round goes to MAN! (fist pumps in the air and yells out war cry)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the finished cup because I rushed to go use the bathroom right after for the 5th time since dinner started (pretty typical when drinking) and the waitress had already taken the glass away when I got back :( But get this… Mondays at Tequila Grande are ‘$2.99 Margarita Night’! So yea, you know where to find me on Mondays from here on out. Arrrrrriba!!!


444 Maple Ave. West

Vienna, VA 221890

P.S. Charles and I are headed to Philadelphia this weekend! So make sure to catch a ride on my Instagram feed for some Philly fun! Rocky Steps, Liberty Bell, and Cheesesteaks… Oh MY! :)

  • Iceland really needs a good Mexican restaurant! Nothing better than a yummy margarita and chips and salsa!

  • Iceland really needs a good Mexican restaurant! Nothing better than a yummy margarita and chips and salsa!

  • This looks amazing. How do you always find the best places to eat?! And of course!! If you pay $25 for something, you HAVE to finish it!!

  • hahaha wow that is one huge cocktail! you did yourself proud ;) x

  • Never heard of the place. I may need to try it out!

  • Hahaha, glad you won the battle! That thing looks insanely huge. I love tex mex food!

  • That is one seriously large margarita! Kudos for downing it girl.

  • I never EVER waste liquor. It's basically a sin.

  • Crab & shrimp burrito please! Holy hell that's a HUGE drink. This place looks amazing! Glad you had a good impromptu V-day