One Last Trip Before Summer Is Ovaaaaaa

virginia beach

Sharing a few photos from last month when my mom visited VA for a couple days and we waded around Virginia Beach on a comfortably overcast day. Nothing beats the calming act of wiggling my toes in the sands and listening to the waves beat against the shore…

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Summer…  A season made up of three months just like any other season but somehow more fast in its fleeting.

August will be over before we know it and then Labor Day will initiate beginning of what I like to call “The Setarra Juggle” where I start juggling a 9 to 5, taking classes at night, maintaining a relationship with my husband, family and friends and somehow, having a life.

Thankfully, Charles and I are leaving for the Eastern Caribbean by way of Carnival Cruise in a couple days as one last hurrah before Fall semester of grad school starts! The cherry on top is that Charles’s parents, aunts, brother, sister in law and cousins are coming too! This will be my first time ever going on a cruise and I’m not really sure what to expect so if you have any tips on what to pack or anticipate, please let me know in the comments below. :)

Also, I’m doing something a little different this go ’round… Usually when I travel, things go radio silent on the blog. This time, I’ve pre-scheduled a few posts to publish (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) while I’m away for the next 10 days. Yes, you heard right. PRE-SCHEDULED POSTS. I’ve never done this before so let’s hope I did everything right and that the posts actually do publish haha.

As always, I will be sharing photos from our travels on my favorite form of social media (cough, cough Instagram). Make sure to follow along @setarrra :)

First pre-scheduled post to go live this Thursday! See ya on the flipside!

  • Zoe

    Hey Setarra!!! :D

    Gosh, your comments on my small blog have had me smiling all day. This blogging thing really becomes a treasure when I get to share it with all the other amazing people I follow and feel closer to!

    Speaking of smiling – these pictures of you and your mum are so sweet *^.^* running away from waves is one of the pure joys of life, so thrilling and funny, these photos have captured exactly that :). I am really looking forward to seeing some of the blog posts from your Caribbean adventure when you get back – golly, it will be like taking a holiday myself, to see any kind of sun ;) hehe. There is snow on the ground, where I am now.

    Much love, and well wishes to you for the upcoming weeks!

    xX Zoe |

    • Thanks Zoe! We are getting ready to head to the airport as I type! Will definitely be sending some Bahama breeze your way :)