Dear Levain Bakery…

Dear Levain Bakery,

My husband, Charles, and I traveled to NYC this past Saturday and stopped by your location in Harlem.

It was our first time trying your infamously giant cookies and we were sooooo excited!

Our orders? Charles went with the dark chocolate chip cookie. I went with the walnut and chocolate chip cookie.

First bite reaction? “Mmmmm, soooo good!”

We ended up splitting them in half because they were so big and rich – the other half to be eaten at a later time.

^^ In case you were wondering how big these cookies are. This is one cookie, broken in half.

On the bus ride back home to Northern VA that evening, I ate my other half. Charles did not.

24 hours later, he still hadn’t eaten his share…

And there it was, just sitting in my purse.

The other half of his dark chocolate chip cookie, looking so neglected.

Sooooo I ate it. Not just a little bite but the whole damn thing.

Secretly hoping he had forgotten about the cookie, we went about our Sunday running errands as usual. We stopped by the mall, grabbed lunch and went grocery shopping which is right around when Charles remembered about his half of a cookie.

A now non-existent half of a cookie.

What ensued sounded a little something like this…

Charles, while driving to the Trader Joes = “Hey. Where’s my cookie?”

Me = “Ummmm… I ate it?” (I can’t tell a lie to save my life)

Charles looks over with wide eyes, “You ate MY cookie? Like the whole thing?”

Me, refusing to make eye contact = “Mmmmhhmm.”

Charles, “Why would you do something like that? If it was me and I ate your cookie, you would be trippin hardcore.”

Me (dammit why does he have to be sooo right?) = “You’re right. I’m a hypocrite. I’m really sorry.”

Charles = “I just don’t get it Setarra. We go to NYC with the plan to visit this bakery for some cookies that you can only get in NYC. I was gonna get some ice cream at Trader Joes to go with the other half of the cookie….”

Me = “Look. I said I was sorry. I seriously meant to just take one bite but then before I knew it, the cookie was gone.”

Charles = “You need more self-disclipine.”

Me = “Uuuuum but you know I DON’T when it comes to cookies and sweets. So why is this even a surprise?”

Charles = “Yea… Well we need to work on that… Still can’t believe you ate my cookie. That’s really messed up man.”

We eventually leave the car and go grocery shopping.

(End Of Scene.)


Dear Levain Bakery,

For a couple moments, I was in bliss.

Afterwards? I felt nothing but guilt for eating Charles’s cookie.

It’s funny because we don’t argue about much.

But food? Food is always point of contention between us – especially the sharing part.

Obviously, it’s been a couple days and we’ve moved on from this argument. But there was still a little part of me that felt bad about eating Charles’s cookie.

I thought about asking a friend who lives in NYC to go to your bakery, get the dark chocolate chip cookie and overnight it to me so I could surprise Charles with it.

But then..

While searching your website to see what other kinds of cookies you have, I noticed the “Online Store” tab.


Was this answer to my search for redemption?!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Your girl could order Levain cookies online! Hallelujah!!!!!!

And so that’s just what I did.

I ordered the set of 4 cookies and paid for two day shipping.

Needless to say, Charles was surprised in the best way possible when they finally arrived.


Dear Levain Bakery,

Thank you for providing the band aid to our relationship’s paper cut. We’re healing just perfectly now with your cookies in our bellies.

xo, Setarra

*** This is not a sponsored post. The heated cookie discussion really did happen between me and Charles haha.

I just wanted to share our love for Levain Bakery and to let you know (in case you didn’t) that you can order their cookies online for those don’t live in NYC. It’s a little pricey but totally worth the splurge for those “I know I fudged up so here’s a cookie as an apology” kind of moments.

  • hahaha I love this. I would have ate that cookie too. Don’t beat yourself up too much :)

    The Midwest Darling

    • (Super late in replying :/) Thanks Sarah! He was a happy man when the cookies came in the mail haha

  • I love everything about this post. I would’ve eaten the cookie too. What’s his is yours.

    • I know right! We’re pretty good at sharing in general… Food is the only subject where we get territorial ;)

  • Whitney

    Dead. I’ve so done this to Boomer before and she was so mad. Fortunately I ate her McDonald’s apple pie, not a cookie from NYC lol.

    • Haha! Sometimes the temptation is too good to resist!

  • This is hilarious. Especially since I was just there. I have never had a cookie so big! Tell me you’ve had Insomnia cookies. If not, I will ship them ASAP. When you buy them, they give them to you WARM!!!

    • I HAVE had Insomnia cookies! We tried them out during our last trip to Philly. Ate them with a scoop of ice cream… Sooooo good!

  • Awesome! Jeremy and I totally argue over the last bites of food as well. Also, I need to go to NYC just for that cookie (and some black and white cookies too).

    • Yes, definitely add it to your NYC foodie list! They are seriously soooo good. My favorite was the chocolate chip walnut cookie :)

  • I would definitely have done the same thing. Rogue cookie in my purse? GONE! lol You guys are too cute :)

  • What a cute story and this reminds me I really have got to get over there soon!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • Yes and you live right in the city Kelly! If I were still living in NYC I’d be tempted to eat a cookie from Levain every week lol

  • Zoe

    Hello Setarra, you beautiful being :)!
    It has been too long since I have commented, but I wanted to say two things:
    First – I love the way you have written this post, it is really original and witty :D – awesome idea.
    Second – I wanted to say a huge thank-you for finding my new website and leaving that lovely comment! In case you don’t see my heartfelt reply over there, I will post it here too ;)…

    “Hey Setarra!

    Haha, no, you didn’t lose my blog in the tangled webs of cyberspace, I have just been busily working away on this new website of mine, and I want to get everything up to date before I make the other one defunct.

    Thank you so, so, so much for your kind comments about my new site too! That is how I feel about it – that it is kinda magical. Like a place full of wonders where I can gather my thoughts.

    You and Charles are such an inspiration by the way – the way you have plans, goals, ideals, family values, and you make time to travel no matter what! I love it all :). I always enjoy reading your beautiful blog Setarra. Many best wishes to you into the future!!!”

    Love and peace from Zoe

    • Awww man! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment Zoe! So glad we’re able to reconnect! And it’s definitely a work in progress when it comes to our relationship and “adulting” so I really appreciate your kind words for me and Charles.

      Keep up the great work with your blog! xo, Setarra :)