Life Happening // 2016 So Far

Lordy, lordy, lordy… Life is happening ya’ll!

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now but I’ve been a little all over the place.

So let’s start at the beginning a.k.a. January and work our way through to the present, shall we?


^^ New Year’s was house party occasion. We spent it with friends, food, alcohol and were in bed around 3 in the morning.


^^ Charles and I made a bet that if I lost 15 lbs. by my birthday (April 11th) that he would match however much money I put down for a shopping spree. Basically, if I put, let’s say, $200 down to go shopping -> he’ll put $200 down for me to go shopping too. Soooo you know your girl has been focused on her fitness because I rarely ever go shopping and if/when I do, it’s usually on sneakers/shoes (which are always ridiculously expensive). Outside of working out at our apartment’s gym, I’ve also been taking a bunch dance fitness classes at Kazaxe. Wish me luck! I really want to win this bet!

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^^ Winter Storm Jonas came and blizzed all over the D.C. area. But we aren’t complaining since Charles and I got 3 days off of work which was pretty awesome.


^^ We’ve been eating out… alot. But it’s all for a good cause since the reason we’ve been eating out has to been to celebrate the birthdays of our family and friends. Definitely worth making an exception to our “only eating at home” rule.


^^ We recently expanded our plant family from two to four. In addition to our bamboo plants, we now have two more leafy, vine-like plants. Don’t ask me what they’re called because I don’t know lol. Charles’s aunt gave us one plant and my co-worker gave me the other a.k.a. we didn’t voluntary go out to get more plants, it kind of just happened and now we’re stuck with them. Regardless, I’m determined not to let them die since they require a little more care than our super low-maintenance bamboo. I’ve never considered myself a plant person but they’re starting to grow on me…


^^ Spring semester of grad school has begun and I’m really loving my classes so far. This semester, I’m taking Fundraising/Development (my last required class credit) and Special Events/Festivals (an elective I chose). Considering the fact that I’ve always been interested in special events with regards to planning fundraising events/galas, both my classes really complement each other.

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^^ Super Bowl was spent drinking and baking through the first half of the game since I don’t really care for watching sports on the t.v. Get me in a stadium/arena and I’m all about it but watching sports on t.v. is kind of boring. Anyways, as far as performances go, I thought the half time show was great. I’m really happy that Beyonce is finally using her platform to speak out on social issues (#blacklivesmatter) and absolutely loved the dance off between her and Bruno Mars. As for the Coldplay part of the half time show, I think the vocal feed from Chris Martin’s mic could’ve been better. I could barely hear him over the music.


^^ I developed a sinus infection/head cold a couple days ago and have on a soup/water/tea/toast diet. The doc said to stay away from dairy products because it supposedly makes my mucus more thick and what not… This, of course, means that I’ve been craving allllll things dairy with a vengeance. Give me ice cream, hot milk chocolate and cheese please!!!!


Which brings us to the present. It’s Saturday, the day before Valentine’s Day and Charles and I have no idea what we’re going to do tomorrow. The only thing we’ve agreed on is that we’re going to turn our phones off and spend the day with each other. No distractions. Might not sound like much but I’m excited. :)

How’s life been on your side of the online world?

  • Sounds like you’ve been busy, and I hope you get to go shopping for all of the shoes! I just got some new UA’s for the gym and they didn’t break the bank too badly. I hope your valentines is awesome!

    • Thanks Acacia! V-day was simple in the best way possible. And I sooo want to get some new shoes to work out in, will def check out under armor :)

  • Megan

    I love your little update! Ps. Yay for event planning! I hope the classes go well!

  • Ok, that shopping spree bet is amazing. How are the dance classes going? They look fun!! Also, a few weeks ago, I had the same congestion type stuff…and all I wanted was milk and chocolate and everything dairy!!!! Glad you’re better!

    • Why is it that we always want things when we can’t have them? haha. The dance classes are going really well. I’m starting to build my endurance up and can finally make it through class without being so winded lol. It just feels good to be out and moving. Next on my list is to start taking modern dance classes :)

  • This makes me miss snow days. Real snow days. Not the crap they try to pull here in Georgia lol. You’re also inspiring me to invest in real houseplants. But I couldn’t even keep a succulent alive at the office, so please pray for the plants!

    • Lol. It’s been a while since we’ve had legit snow and Blizzard Jonas totally made up for lost time. I know how you feel tho. Snow is not worth it if you don’t get a snow day off from work.

      And I love plants but also had the issue where I couldn’t keep them alive. 3 or my co-workers are plant ladies and they’ve been really helpful with giving me tips for how to take care of my new plants. I’ve realized that either I was either 10 over watering the plants or 2) they were too exposed to light. Definitely worth googling your succulent to see what it needs since not all of them have the same needs. Go figure lol.