Life Happening // November ’15

It’s that time again to reflect on my life happening moments of November. Can you believe it’s already December tho? Before we know it, it will be 2016!!! (O_O) This past month…

life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg

^^ My girl, Anna, and I went out for a night on the town. Sushi, a couple games of pool, tequila and pizza = the ingredients for a perfect evening. It was the first time I had gone out in a lonnnnnng time and we had soooo much fun! Waking up the next morning? Not so much haha.


^^ Charles was in London for a week to attend a work conference and even though I enjoyed having quality alone time, I must admit that I missed him alot. I had the worst time falling asleep without having him around to spoon. Add in the devastating acts of terror that took place in Paris while he was abroad and the anxious thoughts running through my mind while laying in bed at night were even worse because I just wanted him to be home. Thankfully, he had no issues with his flight coming back to the U.S. a couple days later when he returned.

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^^ I got my hair cut for the first time in 9 months and my curls were so much happier because of it. If you’re a curly girl living in the Washington Metropolitan area, I highly recommend booking an appointment at Fiddleheads, the only salon in the D.C. area that specializes in cutting curly hair. Vicky is my go-to stylist and I love her work.

life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpglife-happening.jpglife-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg

^^ Remember our friends, Hannah and Durell, whose wedding we went to in NYC this past summer? Well we met up with them for dinner when they were in town on Thanksgiving eve. Hannah had found an awesome Groupon for this Mexican restaurant called  Impala Cantina located in the H street area of D.C. The deal? $25 for a dinner experienced that included 2 orders of 4 tacos, a side of rice and beans and a margarita to sip it all down with.

It was so great to catch up with Hannah and Durell and see how the married life was treating them so far over dinner. I’ve known Durell since high school and seeing him so happy with Hannah made me so happy as well. Don’t you just love love?

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^^ We started off Thanksgiving with breakfast at my place with my Dad and brother. Then for dinner, Charles and I went over to my step-mom’s place to get our grub on. My step-mom is Dominican which means we had a fusion of traditional Thanksgiving dishes and Dominican dishes all intertwined = so yummy!

My brother, Louis’s birthday was the day before but we cut a cake for him on Thanksgiving day because it’s the only time that our family could get together to celebrate. Unfortunately, I was a bad blogger for Thanksgiving and barely took any photos – too busy eating haha.

life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg life-happening.jpg

^^ Charles and I attended Lmya & Bini’s traditional Sudanese wedding celebration! The food, music, dancing and let’s not forget, the beautiful traditional clothing. It was such a fun cultural experience and we felt so honored to bear witness to this occasion.

Now that the traditional wedding ceremony and celebration have taken place, it’s time for next phase of Lmya & Bini’s wedding celebration = Mexico!

How was the month of November for you? Feel free to share your life happenings in the comments below :)

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  • allll of the heart emojis for Lmya’s wedding dresses! she’s so beautiful!

    • I know right! She was stunning!

  • November was pretty decent to me. It’s only been a few days but 31 is looking good! Checking out Fiddleheads now, is that “the place”???

    • Woot woot for 31! And yes, that’s “the place” :)

  • November was good to you lol. And I didn’t even realize you cut your hair. November was decent and I mean that in a good way lol. No drama just hella school work and ranked in some hours at work!

    • Yep yep, I can’t really complain about November except that I was uber busy, a little too busy at times haha. And I know what you mean, just getting through the month without any drama is a win within itself. Seriously can’t wait for school to be done with so I can relax a bit before spring semester :)