Life Happening // October ’15

Sharing a little list of my life happening moments that took place in October. Last month…

life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg

^^ My sister, Gigi, slept over  for a weekend and when we weren’t busy taking self-portraits at home, we were out and about running errands and found time to visit the library so she could check a few books out to read. Can you believe it?!? My sister is reading all on her own now!!!


^^ I went to my alma mater’s “For The Love OF Hip-Hop” showcase which pretty much turned into a reunion for everyone who used to dance on our hip-hop troupe, Urbanknowlogy 101. It was sooooo good to see everyone and the best part was when Charles was asked/told to come up on stage to do a dance battle. Make sure to click on the video above to see my husband get down haha. I was sooo proud of him for getting up there and doing his thing in front of a big crowd. I might be a little biased but in my opinion, Charles won that battle. ;)


^^ Charles sent me a text message saying he updated his bio on Instagram while I was at work one day and when I went to go check it out, I busted out laughing so hard. I swear, that man… He never ceases to amaze me. :)

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^^ A group of girls and I traveled to woods to celebrate my friend, Lmya’s upcoming destination wedding in December. I’ve got a separate post coming soon about our bachelorette weekend in the “wild”. Our weekend away from it all was such a memorable experience that I want to make sure it gets recapped on the blog properly. Also, isn’t Lmya’s engagement ring be-you-ti-ful!!!!


^^ We went downtown to the passport agency in D.C. to renew Charles’s passport since it was set to expire in January 2016. Mexico requires 6 months of validity in order to enter the country so it was important to get that done ASAP before we go on our trip to Cancun in December for Lmya’s wedding.

life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg

^^ I spent some time catching up with my brother and his girlfriend, Louis and Jen, and hung out with my niece, Mia. Isn’t she the cutest?!?

life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg a3OBJmRGEDsPxQe2.jpglife-happening-october.jpg

^^ Remember that one time Charles, Tarek and I went to Baltimore to see the Australian band, Hiatus Kaiyote, perform earlier this past summer? Well they were back in town again this Fall – this time at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland which is much closer than Baltimore. I got tickets for me and Charles to go again for his early birthday present and  we both thought that their show at the Fillmore was soooooo much better than in Baltimore! Cherry on top was sharing that experience with my girls, Camesha and Tia, who were able to come to show too.

If you’re into a jazzy rock, poly-rhythmic, neo-soul blend of music – make sure to check out Hiatus Kaiyote. I swear they sound exactly the same when they perform live, if not better. Their song, Molasses, is one of my favorites on their latest album.

life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg life-happening-october.jpg

^^ We celebrated Charles’s 29th birthday with sushi and beer at a new restaurant that opened in the Mosaic District called Iron Chef House. The fact that Charles chose this place to go eat was a big deal because he had never eaten legit sushi before… Thankfully, the cuisine at Iron Chef House was bomb diggity = I think Charles is officially a sushi lover! The manager of the restaurant was also so sweet to bring out a complimentary fried ice cream in honor of Charles’s special day. All of Charles’s close friends came out (which meant I played the fifth wheel to their bromance haha – Missed you Tarek!) and we had a great time catching up while grubbing.

So pretty much… October was all about Charles in the best way possible haha.

How was the month of October for you? Feel free to share your life happenings in the comments below :)

  • LMBO yo Charles is the real MVP for that one. That’s what I’m talking about!! and lil sis is too adorable making me miss my niece which I hope to share pictures of her on my blog real soon

    • He most definitely is a trip lol! And I can’t wait to see pics of your niece! Babies in general make my ovaries way too excited that I sometimes (in my head) have to tell them to calm down haha. We aren’t quite ready to have kids yet soooo nieces will have to do for now. ;)

  • DC and you have one special relationship!!! And you and Charles, y’all are my favorite! Tell the “bed friend” I said Hey!

    • Haha! I will relay the message! And don’t think I’ve forgotten of your plan to visit next spring/summer ;)

  • Actually cracking up at the Instagram bio ahhah So creative! Your sister is absolutely adorable! :D

    • Haha, isn’t it?!? And looks can be deceiving when it comes to my sister, she’s a little tiny terror – in the best way possible, of course. :)

  • Lol his IG bio is on point! I love what your alma mater put together all in the name of hip hop. And that restaurant looked awesome!

    • OMG yes, if you’re a fan of sushi and ever visit Northern Virginia – you must visit Iron Chef House!