Life Happening // September ’15

Curious to know about what’s been going on with life behind the scenes while I’ve been recapping our Caribbean cruise trip? Here’s a quick list of the life happening moments that took place in September.

IMG_6050.JPG IMG_6049-0.jpg IMG_6051.JPG

1) Charles got really sick with strep throat and our truck broke down on our way back home from urgent care at four in the morning. The following week, I came down with the flu and then just last week, Charles hurt his foot and was given a boot to wear. Pretty much everything, including ourselves, was breaking down in September lol.


2) The first month of Fall semester came and went. I put myself on a pretty strict schedule for how I’m using my time to help me stay on top of everything I’m juggling annnd so far so good. The fact that I made it through the month and was able to publish 1-2 blog posts each week is also a major win.


3) I couldn’t resist snapping this pic of Charles while we were on the bus bound for NYC to attend my friend’s wedding. The man can fall asleep within 2 minutes flat no matter where we are or what we’re doing lol. We had just left the city boundaries of D.C. and had been on the bus for less than 30 minutes when I snapped this pic. A recap of our 24 hours in NYC to come sooon!

IMG_6065.JPG IMG_6064.JPG IMG_6084.JPG

4) Charles and I have one more trip coming up in December which means we’ve been laying low and doing alot of cooking at home to help save money because unfortunately, our travels don’t pay for themselves. Basically, we haven’t been eating out and have been on a roll with bringing lunch to work from home everyday. It might not seem like much but we’ve been able to save about $50 a week by not eating out which equates to about $200 a month which will then equate to us saving a total of about $800 by December = 2 round-trip flights paid for in full.

IMG_6057.JPG IMG_6058.JPG

5) I FINALLY got a library card + no more buying books for the rest of this year = another way I’m saving money this year.

viBhmPo15EYXPGA6.jpg xSPZyz10m2PQMMn9.jpg

6) I volunteered to help out at an arts fundraiser. I was assigned to the auction room and was responsible with helping patrons place bids on the items/experiences they wanted. The goal for the auction was to raise $50,000. The event raised $45, 320 in total which was awesome and very close to the goal. Support the arts!


7) We bought pillows for our new/ used couch (Thanks again Tarek!). Might not seem like a big deal but it is considering the fact we’ve been living in our apartment for 2 years and still haven’t decorated the place to make it feel like a home. Heck, we don’t have anything on the walls either. Well… There is a clock on the wall but it doesn’t work so it doesn’t count lol. As crazy as it sounds, buying pillows was a big step for us. We came across the two pillows in the photo above at Bed Bath & Beyond and were immediately drawn to them for obvious reasons (hashtag island vibes). Next, we want to get an area rug and then we’re going to tackle the walls and hang some photos up… maybe.

AhNrkJKyanaeaJch.jpg xv7zB7IL8KNa1BZB.jpg

8) I’ve been enjoying sunsets while on the go. Before we know it and it will be time to move our clocks one hour forward and I won’t be able to watch the sun go down since it will be dark by the time I leave work. Make the most of the waning daylight, my friends!


9) I finally found an asian market around where I live that sells dragonfruit! When Charles and I were in Barcelona last year, we went to La Boqueria and I had the most most refreshing squeezed dragonfruit juice while there. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for dragonfruit and am soooo happy I finally found it! Nomnomnom!

IMG_6090.JPG IMG_6093.JPG IMG_6094.JPG IMG_6091.JPG

10) You may have already seen the news from Instagram but my mom made a surprise visit from Chicago down to Virginia for a weekend! Charles and I seriously had no idea what she was up to until she called us and asked to hang out… You can imagine my confusion when I asked, “Hang out? What do you mean hang out?” Of course, she casually answered, “I’m in the area. Let’s grab dinner.” It took a couple seconds to register but once I finally understood what she was trying to say, I was sooooo excited. An hour later, we scooped her up from the nearby hotel and grabbed dinner at our new favorite Thai restaurant in Tysons Corner, Neisha Thai. Following dinner, we went back to her hotel and watched the Emmys… You know, real casual. I hate to admite it but my mom did a really great job of “paying us back” from that one time we surprised her for Mother’s Day this past May.

Annnnnd that’s September in a nutshell. I’ve got one last post to share with you from our Caribbean cruise trip next week which is pretty awesome because once that’s done, I’ll be able to finally dive into recapping our Maine adventures this month! Hellooooo October! Let’s git ‘er done.

How was the month of September for you? Feel free to share your life happenings in the comments below :)

  • Whitney

    September was a crazy month for breakdowns! My car decided that brakes were no longer going to be a functioning part. Yay! So cool your mom came to sneak visit. Also…really great way to use that library card…DVDs. I have been saving a small fortune on redbox rentals, by just waiting a little longer to see something and scoring it FO FREE at the library :)

    • Dang, it really was a month for breakdowns wasn’t it?!? We ended up having to replace our alternator which of course had to happen right after we just finished paying off the truck lol. Can’t win. And thanks for the idea about using my library card for DVD’s! My sister is sleeping over this weekend so we may just go to the library and do that. The weather is supposed to be pretty bad and we’ll probably be stuck inside, so movies will be our go to. :)

  • I have to agree with Whitney….. lol my car battery died when I got off work one morning and I was stuck up their for 5 hours and I work over night so I was already stressed and I had to come back in later that night. Man oh man. But cheers to a new start of the month =D

    • Oh no! I’m sorry you had to go through that Valla! Damn vehicles.. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. I hope October is much better (and nicer) to the both of us!

      • lol yes October WILL be better I’m claiming it =D

  • It’s amazing how much money you’ll save by NOT eating out – at all. We did that this past summer, starting in June, and by mid-august we were burnt out! All our bills were paid though lol. And we did still leave room for date-night dinners. After awhile, sandwiches, chips and fruit get boring… but I think we’re going to try that again next month so we’ll have extra spending money for fun stuff around the holidays.

    Sorry about your car! I literally laughed out loud at that photo of Charles sleep on the bus.

    • Oh yes, we are already on the struggle bus with making sure we don’t get sick of eating the same stuff. I’m thinking of trying out the eMeals recipes so we don’t burnout. Charles’s birthday is in October so we’ll definitely be going out to celebrate which will help break up our home meals. :) And thanks girl! Of course, our truck starts breaking down after we just finished paying it off… Can’t win lol.

  • Ha, I’m similarly trying to juggle posting about real life and travel recaps. And finally getting a library card too :) I hope you two are feeling better!! Sounds like a rough time, but how sweet of your mom to surprise visit!

    • Omg, yes girl! Finding the balance between blogging about travel and real life is tough Caroline! The juggle is soo real haha. And thank you, we are both feeling much better now. :)