Life Is Good, Life Is Great. A List For Life Lately :)

What to talk about? How much to divulge? What tone should I take? Are all questions I generally ask myself before I write a post and all last week when I sat down each day to write about life lately, I came up with nothing… These past couple of weeks have been ah-mazing! So much has happened, so many good, great things. And I had no idea where to begin… Until now. The answer was in the question all along… Question: Where to begin? Answer: At the beginning. (duh). With that said, here’s a little list for the goodness that is life lately according to my iPhone pictures… More to come :)

1) I’ve kept up with my yoga classes (been going about 3-4 times a week), have been eating more clean and the consistency this lifestyle has shown positive results… I’ve lost about 7 pounds so far and am no longer in the 170’s (hello 168 – thank you lord and buddha). Before I injured my knee, I was around 155 lbs which means I’m about 13 pounds away from my pre-injury weight. I’ve got a ways to go but I’m feeling great my progress so far :). P.S. All that weight = in my hips, thighs and butt… #pearshapedproblems #charleslikesittho

^^ On our way to the wedding… Charles was a little too turnt up haha.
2) Charles and I went to a gorgeous wedding on the 4th of July. Can you believe that this was the 12th wedding we’ve been to in the past year and a half. Crazy, right? Anywho, this was our first time ever going to a wedding in the daytime and it was quite refreshing witness a celebration of this kind that started and ended while the sun was still up. It also meant that we got to take advantage of the open bar before 12pm. That open bar never gets old…

3) We went to the Jay Z & Beyonce Concert at the M&T Stadium in Baltimore! Boy oh boy, it was a hell of a show!!! I was screaming at the top of my lungs the whole time! And to be perfectly honest, it was more like the Beyonce show with a guest appearances by Jay Z every once in a while which was perfect because I loooooooove Beyonce (way more than Jay Z)!

4) My girlfriend, Camesha, and her husband, Bill, are wonderfully pregnant and recently asked me to take their maternity photos. I was so honored that they would take a chance on me since I’m an amateur when it comes to photography.. Overall, I think the shoot went really well and I can’t wait to share the final product with you on the blog soon. The photos above are a little behind the scenes look of our shoot courtesy of Charles :)

5) I went on a sunset cruise with friends this past weekend and the cruise looked alot like a pirate ship. It was an awesome time and I’m super proud to announce that I can now add “Limbo Champion” to my extensive list of talents. Yup, this girl takes limbo very seriously! More photos to come from our pirate party as soon as I finish editing them!

6) Our Europe adventures will begin in less than one week! Can you believe it!?! It’s actually happening! Dear Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona: We’ll see ya soon!!! Charles and I are lucky to have a circle of friends who travel alot which means they have travel gear laying around up for grabs a.k.a. borrowing. I got my travel backpack from my girl, Lmya, and get this: She lived out of this backpack for 3 months when she studied abroad in the Phillipines! If she was able to make it living out of this pack for 3 months, I’m pretty sure I can make in Europe with the pack for 2 weeks haha! ;)

Hmmmm, I think this is a good stopping point for now considering that I still have so much more catching up to do with ya’ll on this blog before we leave on our trip. Until next time!!!

Cheers and Have a Happy Hump Day!

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  • He's like, "Look Ma, no hands!" Lmao. Y'all are so cute. Congrats on your weight loss!

    XO Fal

  • Yay for great times! Now get to "it"!!! :)

  • OMG So jealous of your Europe trip. I've been wanting to go for years and didn't go when I had the opportunity becuase I'm an idiot (ok it was over a boy).

  • Okay, I was with you on the pearshaped probs (because, same) and the lovely wedding, but you lost me at Beyonce! Lol. She was just in Atlanta last night and I didn't even know until a friend texted me asking if I was going… PASS. I swear people treat that woman like she is GOD. But anyway, you look purdy and your skin is glowing and it looks like y'all have been having lots of fun!! X's and o's. :)

  • Looking good girlfriend! I'm so jealous of your Europe trip, I don't know why we put ours off for the wedding, that's a huge regret of mine! Sure the wedding was fun, but maybe we could've cut some corners to make Europe happen! Anyhoots, can't wait to see travel pics in the near future.

  • The wedding looks stunning! 12 weddings is sooo much omg

  • Daaaaaaang girl….look at your flexibility!! I am impressed!! And you have to post the maternity shots of your friend when you are done editing. Keep up with the workouts and healthy eating…you looks fabulous!!

  • there's so much goodness in this post I don't know where to start! you look amazing, 12 weddings?! craziness. and Europe is so close!! x

  • I haven't done the limbo in forever! How fun that you took home the limbo title :D Love the photos you shared!

  • Congrats on the weight loss, these photos are great! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  • you're going to have a blast in europe!!! so much to do there (i'm so jelly too!)

    Vodka and Soda

  • look at that back bend, gurl!!! hahaha… Limbo Champ for sure!

    i lived off of my back pack for the 10 days in Brazil and survived :) Just did one run of laundry on day 7 and reused my pants like crazy. hahaha… you can do it!!! I've never been to Amsterdam so I'm excited to see them pictures!

  • You are definitely #winning in life right now! Sorry a Charlie Sheen clip was played on the radio this morning ;)

    But really! Go you!! Have so much fun on your trip! I can't wait to read all about your adventures!!

  • I'm still working off the weight I gained after tearing my ACL, but DAMN, girl. You looking fancy lol Also, I'm still jealous of your Queen Bey adventure.