Life Lately According To The Gram :)

 ^^^ Clem made a bomb ass berry crumble a couple weeks ago. Nom Nom Nom!

 ^^^ Stormy Sun Settings..
^^^ Motivational words while at my gym… Sort of lol.
^^^ I don’t know about you but no one EVER spells my name right at Starbucks. Never. Ever. #thatsnotmyname 
 ^^^ Del Monte’s Mandarin Oranges for the win! Love these fruit cups!
 ^^^ I had originally planned on going to The Botanical Gardens in D.C. as my local adventure for this Friday’s #ResidentTourist Link Up. Instead, Charles and I spent the day outside walking around the National Mall area, taking in the sights at our own leisure. We had an awesome day despite the change of plans and I can’t wait to share the pics with ya’ll this Friday! Super excited to see every one’s posts!!! :)
 ^^^ As some of you may or may not know, I am currently working on getting my Master’s in Arts Management. This past Sunday, I attended the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium at American University and had such a great experience filled with creative and analytical stimulation! I came away from the symposium filled with renewed passion in my work towards becoming an arts manager and I’m thinking my symposium experience might deserve its own post… #comingsoon
 ^^^ Slutty brownies that my sister in law made!These mocha frappers were the reason my Sunday ended so very happily. They’re also the reason why I need to get my butt in the gym every day this week… 

{All photos via my Instagram account. Follow along @setarrra}

And that’s that. Life has been pretty chill these past couple of weeks. I’ve just been working my 9-5 and going to school in the evenings and trying to keep up with the workload. I had a 10 page case study on dance company due last week and have a midterm this Thursday for my non-profit finance class that I’ll be studying away for. I’m also hoping to make it to the gym at least 4 times this week. Oh yea, I got that part time foodie job I applied for! But I’m gonna wait until I get through training before I actually share with you what it is I’ll be doing… I know, the suspense haha. 

What have you been up to lately?

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  • hahah the "shut up hippy"! that made me laugh.

    you have taken some gorgeous food pics!! i recently took a workshop on how to use my camera properly (instead of the awful "auto" setting) so now i'm all over taking gorgeous photos :)

    Vodka and Soda

  • Oh my, that food looks amazing! And that stormy sun setting looks unbelievable. I never get my name spelled right at Starbucks. My name is Alisia and they always write: Alisa, Alisha, Alishia oh and I've even gotten Allison. It's become a little joke as to what they will spell it like next.

  • That berry crumble… looks. so. good.


  • 1. I LOVE that pic of you and Charles!
    2. Slutty brownies look amazing.
    3. I don't know how you juggle school, life, adventures – go you!
    4. Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

  • The "shut up hippie" part is hilarious! hahah!!

    And that berry crumble looks so amazing.

  • i love your instagram feed! you and charles always look so happy and lovely together :) x

  • Gorgeous photos!!

  • Aw, love this peak into your life, Setarra–especially that berry crumble! Instagram still kind of baffles me so it's fun to see how other people use it ;)

  • t

    That brownie looks so good!

  • You and these food photos, seriously! #nom and art symposium sounds fun – I'll be the nerd reading your post and being all jealous about it haha