Life Lately :)

^^^ Grainy, Sweaty Selfie! I’ve Been On A Workout Roll Lately ^^^
^^^ Flowers, Flowers Everywhere. Spring Is Too Pretty Not To Go Flower Crazy. ^^^
^^^ Flower Skies & Wishing My Girl, Anna, A Happy Birthday. She’s Currently In Guam! So Jealous ^^^
^^^ Korean BBQ Girl Time w/ Clem & Black and White Fireball Shots ^^^
^^^ Channeling My Inner Fashion Blogger = Tiptoe-ing haha! ^^^
^^^ Karaoke Night w/ Friends & Durell Flying High In Preparation For His Season At The Joyce w/ Limon ^^^
^^^ The View Looking Down While Crossing The Key Bridge in D.C. & Pretty Tulip Guts ^^^
^^^ Crepes Benedict w/ Bacon & Spinach and Feta Quiche = Super Eggy/Yummy Brunch! ^^^
 ^^^ Studying For My Non-Profit Finance Final & Celebrating Semester’s End With A Glass Of Wine! ^^^

Photos via Instragram: @setarrra

I’m free! I’m free! I’m free! Finals are over and I couldn’t be more excited! These past couple of weeks have been a productive blur filled with good times, good food and lots of studying. My first semester of grad school hasn’t been the easiest but I feel like I ended it with a bang! Summer’s almost here which means that it’s almost pool season, which means I can get my tan back (while slathering SPF15 all over my body), and which ultimately means our summer euro trip is less than 3 months away! I can’t wait to get back into some leisurely reading (peace out textbooks!). Got any recommendations for books to read this summer? I’m all ears.

Feels good to be back here on Quaintrelle after a much needed blog break. Hope all has been well on your side of the online world! :)

Happy Happy Tuesday!!!

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  • i NEED to be on a workout roll. but i'm sadly not. i Love that picture of your friend durrell! so awesome. book recs? don't read the divergent series. sorry I'm not helpful.

  • Beautiful photos to reflect a beautiful life! I love it. Congrats on completing your first semester of grad school!

  • Congrats on finishing your first semester! That really is a huge accomplishment. I just started reading "The girl who circumnavigated fairyland" and it is a fun read so far.

  • Fireball shots, yum!

  • Tan: a great reward for a hard days, weeks, months work in school.. are you planning to go island hopping? That would be a great experience. ;)

  • Heck yes for tan season!!! Welcome back!

  • Boom boom pow! Work it out girl! Congrats to finishing your 1st grad semester!

  • Welcome back, boo!! Looks like you've been having a good time recently and are finally FREE! Congrats on finishing the semester strong – have a great summer off!