Lions & Tigers & Poop At The National Zoo in DC

One of my favorite things about going to DC for a visit is getting to hang with my little sister, GiGi. Everytime I see her, she just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and her personality keeps getting louder and louder. I love it :) This past visit, Charles and I took her to the National Zoo and we had an ah-mazing time! It’s been a while since I had gone to the zoo so it was nice to relive some childhood memories through a year old’s eyes. The National Zoo in DC is COMPLETELY FREE so if you’re ever in town, make sure to stop by!

Highlights From Our Day
-Having Charles call me and Gigi out for our illegal activity on the railings at the otter exhibit.
-Watching Gigi squeal  in delight over the sea lion but act like a punk at the lion exhibit. She refused to look at the lion lol… “They’re both lions Gigi…”
-Going on a carousel ride for the first time innnnnnn forever.
-Spending 15 min. trying to talk Gigi into leaving the fake elephant so we could walk over to the real elephant area.  
-Checking out the Amazonia exhibit and seeing a pretty pink flamingo lookin bird. 
-Telling Gigi to keep her voice down so she didn’t scare the monkeys in the Think Tank. An elderly man next us then started talking loudly and Gigi tells the man “Shhhhhhhh! You gotta keep your voice down!” at which point, I quickly grabbed her hand and move on through the exhibit. 
-Watching how well Charles handled Gigi and thinking of what a great Dad he would make one day
only to mentally cuss my subconscious out because I am NOT ready for kids yet lol.
-Having my sister exclaim over poop at the elephant, monkey and farm animal areas. “Ew, look at the poop!” “It smells like poop in here!” “Does the poop come out his butt?!”   
– Having her get tired and throw a lil tantrum as we made our way back to the metro. We ignored her rants and she promptly fell asleep the minute we got on the train. 
A perfect day with the boy and my mini-me :)
xo, Setarra  
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