Little Happenings w.1

You know what I miss about blogging? Simple and sweet “sharing for the sake of sharing” and nothing else posts. No pressure to write anything witty or profound or present super orchestrated photos…

I feel like I spend alot of time working on posts that focus on big/major happenings in my life and I kind of miss sharing the little happenings because little happenings need love too. (nah mean?)

In the past, I’ve tried to give them recognition in my monthly happening recap but alot gets missed in trying to sum up a whole month of little happenings in one post.

As such, I’ve decided to ixnay the monthly recaps and instead break these moments down by week instead =

Little Happenings, a weekly series created to show appreciation for life’s little happenings.

With that said, this was my week of little happenings in photos.


^^ A quiet cuddle session caught by our friend, O’cie, while waiting for another friend of ours to get ready so we could all head out for lunch.

^^ Charles and I attended a lecture by Roland Martin on the “Black America: Where We Are & Where We’re Going”. Really great discussion on the economics of racism.



^^ I’m technically supposed to get my hair trimmed every 2 months per my curly hair stylist’s recommendations but haircuts are expensive soooo yea, this was my first haircut in a little over 9 months. Obviously, much needed because my hair/curls looks so much better now after losing 4-5 inches.


^^ This sunset while heading home after work… I take the metro train & bus to commute back and forth from work. As much as public transportation can sometimes get on my nerves, nothing beats riding the train home and passing all the cars that are sitting in traffic.


^^ Flourless Banana Pancakes = 1 banana mashed, then mix in 2 eggs. Pour it on a buttered pan, flip it over and voila! My go-to breakfast when I’m in rush. I like to eat it with a side spoonful of peanut butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.


^^ Post-Moving Pizza = We helped our friends, Don and Tia, who are officially into their 2nd trimester, move into a larger apartment this past Monday to accommodate their growing family.


^^ Early morning shadow play. Hey girl heeeeeey! <– What I said to myself while taking this pic.


Durell & Moi

^^ Dinner with my DFF, Durell, who is in town this weekend for a performance with Mark Morris Dance Group. It’s a yearly tradition that whenever he’s in town, we go to Olive Garden, drink wine and have a great time. I shared a bit of our shenanigans from last night on my Insta-Story (make sure to catch it before it disappears). Can’t wait to watch him perform on stage on Saturday! Also, DFF stands for “Dance Friends Forever”!


^^ And here is a big zoomed selfie of me at work… With spinach stuck in my braces.

Spinach that had been stuck in my braces since lunch. Spinach that had been stuck in my braces through TWO meetings post lunch. Spinach that nobody in those meetings bothered to tell me was stuck in my braces until I got back to my office and my coworker told me. Soooooo yea. That’s my embarrassing moment for the week lol. Video recap of the whole episode here.


^^ The light in our black and yellow home last weekend in the afternoon (bright) vs. during the morning (a little dull) which is when I sneakily captured this video of Charles (he thought I was taking pics, not video) doing a little “bout to drink some water” dance. Isn’t he the cutest?

Annnnnd so concludes the first of many weekly Little Happenings coming your way.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of positive people, food and vibes. Happy, happy Friday! :)

xo, Setarra