Little Happenings

A few of my favorite little happenings from the past couple of weeks in photos.  I haven’t posted a life update in a while so I hope you don’t mind if I include moments from pre-New Year. :)

^^ Celebrating my brother, Gabe’s 21st birthday with my all-American fam bam.

^^ Christmas dinner at my cousin’s place and my plate full of all the yummy sides.

^^ A much needed get together with my best girls. From left to right: Peach, Camesha (and her two lovely daughters, Camille and Olivia) and Tia (with her babygirl, Gia). All four of us met each other on the first weekend of our freshmen year in college and have been ride or die for each other ever since.

^^ Inspired by Disa’s blog post about exploring her interest in film photography, I bought a disposable camera, took photos of my girls night with Peach, Camesha and Tia and am waiting patiently for CVS to let me know my prints are ready for pick up. Back in the day, I could drop off a disposable camera and get the prints back in 3 days. Now… It takes up to 3-4 weeks because CVS doesn’t have in-house film processors anymore.

^^ Completing my first ever fitness challenge at the yoga/barre studio I go to. The challenge was to take 30 barre or yoga circuit class in 35 days. I started late and had to double up a few days but it was worth it. As of today, I’ve been working out consistently for a little over 3 months and am finally starting to see changes in my body which feels really good.

^^ New Year’s Eve, Charles and I stayed in and watched the ball drop in NYC on T.V. I made ramen and brownies and we both ate an Altoid before giving each other a super “fresh” New Year’s kiss.

^^ Channeling ninja vibes for my friend, Ocie’s birthday last weekend. We went to an indoor gym that had all these “ninja obstacles” inspired by the American Ninja Warrior TV show. I failed at everything since most of it required upper body strength (which I don’t have) but I had alot of fun trying.

What were your favorite little happenings from the past few weeks?

xo, Setarra

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  • That’s such a great idea about film photography, and that’s also so crazy how long they take to develop now!! Well done for the yoga and barre challenge, you smashed that one!

    • Thanks Marcella! Getting back into fitness hasn’t been easy but I’m starting to find my flow with it. :) xo

  • Oh I remember when disposable cameras use to be the wave back in middle and high school before we really knew what an DSLR was, definitely going to have to take a page from Disa’s book and get into film photography as well.

    • Yes, you should! Go get a disposable camera Valla! I know for sure you would appreciate it. :)

  • I should be getting my photos by the end of this week (crosses fingers) and will def share a few :) How do noodles affect your blood sugar? Tell me more, I want to understand. xo

    • They SPIKE it, like crazy! As do most carbs, but bread and noodles are the worst offenders. Eventually it starts to affect my insulin, which affects hormones, which affect every.thing.else. (weight, skin, periods, attitude…) so I can only have them every now and then. :/

  • Looking forward to see the result of the camera :)