Little Happenings

A few of my favorite little happenings from the past two weeks. :)

^^ Celebrating the weekend with wine and a slice of spinach & cheese pizza from my favorite local pizza shop in Arlington, VA = The Italian Store.

^^ From where I stood this weekend while getting my nature walk on.

^^ A lil indoor bike riding with my girl, Rachel, at Vortex Cycle. Our first class was free and just so happened to be taught by our friend, Justin, who recently got certified as a cycling instructor. The class was tough on my vajayjay (if only bikes had “pillow seats”) but, overall, I got a fun workout in for FREE.

^^ These yummy veggie puff pastries from Trader Joe’s. Popped them in the oven for 10 minutes and voila!

^^ Creepy vibes from this metro train car while commuting from work to home one evening. Most of the time, the trains are lit inside with very bright, white lights but this train car had yellow hued lights. Also, the “reaching hand pic” of Charles was a result of us running to catch the train as the doors were closing. Charles made it onto the train car ahead of me while I (because I’m a slow runner) barely made it onto the train car behind him. We rode the metro staring at each other through the window, silently daring the other person to go through the connect door while the train was moving.

^^ Practicing the art of capturing movement with my friend, Byron.

^^ Sleeping in on a Sunday morning.

^^ A peek at the book and packet of ginger pineapple tea I got from the Anacostia Arts Center during our monthly date last weekend.

As for the little happenings that aren’t “pictured”…

This week marked the start of spring semester at the university I work at. I’m back in the studio, teaching “Intro to Modern Dance” to a group of 17 undergraduate students and it’s still so weird to hear them call me “Professor”… Like who, me???
I’m finally starting to work on the gallery wall above our couch in the living room.
Will Smith is officially on Instagram as of this past December and I’m LOVING his feed. It’s a guaranteed laugh every time I come across one of his posts.
– I completed my goal this past week of taking 3-4 dance classes a month. January down, 11 more months to go.

What were your favorite little happenings from the past couple of weeks?

xo, Setarra