Little Happenings w. 13

Post grad life? Here’s a recap of my favorite little happenings that have taken place since the grand event.

^^ This yummy Vietnamese spread for dinner at the Eden Center in Northern VA.

^^ Hanging out with my mom & bro in D.C. before they flew back to Chicago. We took the metro and walked across the Key Bridge from VA to D.C. and explored around Georgetown. Charles worked a half day and met us in the city for lunch… I miss them already.

^^ Sharing the triple chocolate brownie at Dairy Queen with my lil sis, Gigi.

While driving home to our place after picking her up from my Dad’s for our monthly sleepover, we were talking about family and she mentioned that she had 2 sisters and 5 brothers…  I corrected her and said “No, you have 2 sisters and 4 brothers.” And then she said, “Nooooo. Charles is my brother in law but that doesn’t matter, he’s my brother which means I have FIVE brothers.” Me = “You right” as I looked over at Charles (who was driving) with a huge smile on my face and heart filled with pride for my super sweet sister.

Another fun conversation we had, had to do with ethnicity… While I was braiding her hair, she asked “What are you mixed with?” I responded, “Black, White and Cambodian.” Her response was “Coooool. That means I’m Black, White, Dominican and Cambodian.” Me = “No Gigi. You’re Black, White and Dominican. Not Cambodian.” She then turned around with a serious look of confusion = “But you’re my sister and you’re Cambodian which means I’m Cambodian too.” Me = “It doesn’t quite work like that Gigi.” She gave a big huff, ROLLED HER EYES and said “Whatever.”

I was pretty proud of myself for keeping it together and telling her sternly that she better not roll her eyes at me like that ever again but on the inside, I was dying laughing. My sister is a trip and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

^^ Views from the beautiful rose garden Charles, Gigi and I found during our “Gigi the Explorer” walk we took around the neighborhood.

^^ Charles and his big brother, Will, “hugging”. These boys are always joking or putting each other in headlocks when we’re all together lol. The way men bond is still so very peculiar to me.

^^ Family toast with one of my favorite shots, the Woo Woo… Can you woo, woo, woo?

^^ This amazing sunset.

And that’s that. This past week and a half summed up in photos.

I’m hoping to get back on a regular blog schedule starting next week because there’s so much to catch you guys up on… Greece, Jordan, local DC/Northern Virginia explorations, home decor stuff, and love (cough, cough. Charles and I have been failing miserably with our monthly dates. Haven’t been on one in 2 months…)

But if you’ve been following this space for a while then you know my “blog spirit animal” is the turtle. These posts might take forever but trust me when I say, they will get published. Slow and steady wins the race but hopefully with schoolwork behind me, the pace will pick up just a little bit. :)

What were your favorite little happenings from this past week?

xo, Setarra

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