Little Happenings w. 15

This week of little happenings in photos…


^^ A 90+ degree heatwave hit the DC/Northern Virginia area this past week, which means Charles and I were sweating balls during our twice a week 6am outdoor workouts with our friend/trainer, Byron. Yesterday morning, was leg day and I nearly fell while walking down the stairs later in the day because my quads/legs were so sore and kept giving out.


^^ Virginia had their primary elections for Governor this past Tuesday.


^^ Foamy soap views while chillin in the carwash.


^^ As much as I like to think I work out to lose weight, the truth is I actually work out so I can eat what I want without guilt.

Add in my period getting ready to start next week = my cravings have been off the charts. Charles thinks I blame all my sweet tooth cravings on my period even when I’m not on my period (which I sometimes do do) and I tried to explain that leading up to my period, my hormones go all wonky which is why I have all these sweet cravings. He just rolls his eyes and says “uh huh”…

Anywho, to the left above, green tea ice cream, and to the right, a chocolate stout cake our friend, Julia, made.


^^ Birthday boy, Chris, with the phone in his hand taking a selfie with his girl, Julia.


^^ We welcomed the pre-solstice weather at our friend, Chris’s place in D.C. to celebrate his 31st birthday. The sky blessed us with this vibrant sunset.

Music Happening: Sza’s new album CTRL has been on repeat.
Dance Happening: “Human” choreographed by one of my fave west coast female industry choreographers, Galen Hooks.
Love Happening: Charles and I just realized the other day that in July when we celebrate our 3 year anniversary of marriage, we will also be celebrating 10 years of togetherness. You heard right. Ten, Diez (10 in Spanish), Dop (10 in Cambodian) YEARS. 10 years of evolving both individually and as a unit. Not sure how we aren’t sick of each other yet but I’m not complaining. :)

With that said…

What were some of your favorite little happenings from this past week?

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  • My period cravings are equally intense. Not just for sweets though; I need all the carbs! I’ve been trying to find better substitutes.

    • Lol yes! The carb cravings are very real too! Holler if you find any good substitutes, I’m interested. :)

  • That chocolate cake looks amazing and I want to eat it right now! I also LOVE your new haircut!

  • #RunWithB


    • Sending the love right back B! :)