Little Happenings w. 16

This week of little happenings in photos…

^^ Father’s Day was spent hiking the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls with my dad and sister. Next year, we’re gonna do something much more relaxed because I think my dad nearly had a heart attack climbing rocks along the edge of the Potomac River. You think I have a fear of heights… My dad’s fear of heights is on a whole other level. The whole time Gigi and I kept saying, “Chill out Dad. We’re fine. We’re not gonna fall. Just breathe.” I think overall, he enjoyed himself despite the strenuous activity but next year = we’re gonna do something inside annnd away from cliffs.

^^ My Cambodian side of the family had a blessing ceremony from my gramma, Ma Tom (pictured above in the wheelchair). She’s getting up there in age and recently, her health has been really deteriorating. We had monks come to bless her in the hospital and then had a gathering with family (who drove from Chicago and Philly to Virginia for the ceremony) later when she was released to pray over her. I don’t know how else to describe it other than to say it was a sad yet beautiful day to be a part of.

I have so memories of Ma Tom as a kid … Of her watching over me and my brother while my mom was at work, doing my hair, always telling me to suck my butt in so it wouldn’t stick out as much (since I’m mixed, my body wasn’t as “slim” as the rest of my asian cousins), me sticking my tongue out in response to her comment about my butt and her threatening to spank me with chopsticks for being disrespectful (which she never did lol).

I think a part of me still saw her as the “young gramma” of my memories and didn’t really acknowledge the fact that she is actually really old (she’s 89)… So to see her in this way, it was hard and made me think of my other Grams who is also getting older… In conclusion, Grammas are the best and should live forever.

^^ Flowers for me and you.

^^ Garlic roasted red potatoes + green beans + roasted corn topped with cojita cheese = a really tasty veggie dinner Charles and I had this week.

^^ I started my internship at Dance/USA this week. Dance/USA is the national service organization for professional dance in America, based in Washington, D.C. They lobby for funding and various policies that support or address various dance and arts initiatives and issues. They facilitate programming that supports the professional development dance artists and administrators, they provide funding for research in the dance field and so much more. All in all, they play a major role in the dance field and I’m excited to be interning with them. This summer, I’ll be working as the Programs Intern helping to plan their annual conference which will take place next year in L.A.

This internship is technically the last requirement of my arts management grad program so I’m excited to not only gain experience in the field of event planning as it pertains to the arts but also get my 4 credits in so I can be done, done, done with my program.

With my internship, also comes a crazy work schedule tho. I’m super thankful to have a boss who understands and is letting me work a flex schedule so I can do my internship as long as I get my 40 hours in.

So basically… Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I will work from 6:30am-6:30pm and on Tuesdays and half day on Thursdays, I’ll be at my internship. Like I said before, it’s a crazy schedule but I’m only doing this till the end of August. Sooo yea, I just gotta do what I gotta do.

And that’s that. A week full of high highs and low lows, family, love and new opportunity.

What were some of your favorite little happenings from this past week?

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  • Whitney

    The hike actually seems like it would be fun. I say that knowing I have no fear of heights. What a beautiful way to celebrate your grandma. I think you posted this on social, and it really made me tear up. Good luck with your schedule girl. I know you’re gonna kill it!

  • Your Ma Tom memories sound wonderful, and I love how the whole family got together in one way or another for the ceremony and prayer. I’m sure she really appreciates that too.

    Cheers to the highs and good riddance to the lows. Xx