Little Happenings

This week of little happenings…

^^ Our box of different sized picture frames arrived! Super excited to finally start working on the gallery wall in our living room. The goal is to first compile all the photos we want to display in a folder and get them printed by the end of October. Then we put the frames up in November.

(I set these long deadlines because I know myself… I don’t like to rush when it comes to creative home projects because if I rush, then I stress and if I stress, then it doesn’t get done.)

Any recommendations for online sites that have decent pricing on prints? I’m all ears.



^^  (Left) French Toast using flour and almond milk instead of eggs and milk. (Right) A veggie bowl made of quinoa, sauteed kale and onions with roasted butternut squash and red peppers. (Bottom) Shwarma seasoned roasted cauliflower.

^^ Our bed… Arranged based on our body temperatures lol. Charles sleeps on the left side and I sleep on the right. Charles is a radiator and always hot. Me… I’m always cold esp. my feet so I always sleep with an extra blanket or, in this case, a knitted quilt that my Grams made for me.

^^ Currently reading “The Rise and Reign of The Unruly Woman” which highlights different “unruly” female celebrities and the important role they play in breaking down/through barriers of etiquette and confirmity for all women.

I just started reading this past weekend and, yesterday, finished reading the 1st chapter titled  “Too Strong” on Serena Williams and the crucial role she played/ continues to play in rocking the upper crust world of tennis and breaking down definition of what it means a great athlete overall vs. female athlete. Other celebrities highlighted include Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Lena Dunham, and Kim Kardashian to name a few. Excited to continue reading and reflecting.

I’m also continuing to build my collection of decomposition books. I now own 4, the most recent addition being this SPIRAL decomposition book I saw at a bookstore. I’ve loved decomposition books since I was a kid because they’re kind of like converse in that they look better with wear and tear. I’m also loving how, in the past few years, they’ve updated their cover designs. Three cheers to preserving the nostalgia of childhood.

^^ Speaking of tennis… This past June, Charles brought up the fact that we don’t share a common fitness/recreational activity.

Charles likes to run and play basketball -> I strongly dislike running and couldn’t put a ball in the basket even if I was on a ladder right in front of it. I like to take dance, yoga and barre classes -> Charles refuses to join me in any of these classes no matter how much I nag him.

As a result, we’re always working out separately.

And so after a bit of discussion, we settled on giving tennis a try since it requires 2 people and is a great cardio workout. We found two tennis rackets and a set of tennis balls on Craig’s List for $10 and dedicated a few hours a weekend this summer to learning how to actually play the game. Shoutout to Youtube’s many instructional tennis videos that helped us understand the game rules, etc.

Not gonna lie, it was a little rough at first trying to get the hang of swinging and serving. But over the past 2 months of practicing, I think our game has improved immensely and most importantly, we’re having fun with each other which is all that matters.

Photo above is from this past Sunday morning, going in for a post match kiss.

What were some of your favorite little happenings from this past week?

xo, Setarra

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  • Those veggie delights look amazinngggg, I want to try the cauliflower one ASAP, yum! And, I’m excited to see your gallery wall, I love those! I made one in our old flat but haven’t yet done one in the new place.
    And, I was saying the exact same thing to Carlos about not having a sport we can do together as we love trekking, but we can only do that every few weekends. We used to be members of a gym with a pool in the UK and that was our thing but here I am all about the yoga, yoga, yoga!

  • Check your local staples for prints, they usually have coupons or a pharmacy.

    I have been on a no meat diet for the month of October and carbs have become my best friend. I love quinoa but barely had any this month. Should make some for lunch tomorrow.

    (Hearts <3) Decomposition books and Childhood memories.

    I just recently got my "boo" to go in a pool, us trying to exercise together will be an interesting discussion but Tennis looks like a fun/great idea.