Little Happenings w. 2

My week of little happenings in photos. :)


^^ Early morning workouts in our bedroom while Charles sleeps on as if nothing is happening. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months now because the only open space we have that fits a yoga mat  and allows me to move around comfortably in our apartment is in our bedroom. Don’t worry about Charles tho. He sleeps like a bear in hibernation. Me huffing and puffing and jumping around doesn’t phase him whatsoever. The man can sleep through anything and everything.

^^ First blooms of Spring around my neighborhood… So torn between being a little freaked by how warm February has been and wanting to enjoy the benefits of warm weather which includes so many flowers blooming much earlier than anticipated. Hashtag Climate Change Is REAL.

^^ Picking up my new frames from Warby Parker on Tuesday… Only to try them on and literally see that my prescription was way off in my right eye. I’m near sighted and both of my eyes are currently -4.75 according to my eye doctor. But for some reason, a Warby Parker representative who read my prescription had put -4.00 for my right eye when processing my order. As a result, I could see clearly in my left eye but my right eye was super blurry. After speaking to a customer rep who was very helpful, I had to send the frames back for Warby Parker to correct. A little bummed but I’m hoping I get them back next week!

^^ Behold. The ‘Shroom Burger from Shake Shack. As of January 1st this year, I’ve stopped eating red meat, chicken and pork and the transition has been pretty easy except when eating out. While out, running errands, I was craving a burger this past weekend and wasn’t sure how to address this need since I’m pretty much not eating meat. After a quick Google, I learned about the ‘Shroom Burger which is basically a deep fried portabella mushroom stuffed with muenster and cheddar cheese. It was sooooo good and really hit the spot!

^^ Commuter selfie w/ the hubby. A little unknown fact about us… Charles and I work for the same organization but in different departments on opposite sides of the building. So alot of times, we commute to and from work together.  But most times we don’t because I have to be in the office no later than 9am where as Charles has the flexibility to make his own schedule so he doesn’t always leave in the morning when I do.

^^ Another awesome sunset caught while on my way home. I’m loving the fact that it’s not dark anymore when I leave work.

^^ Our bathroom may be tiny… Annnnd the shower water jumps from hot to cold whenever our neighbors who live below us use their water (it’s an old complex so I think we share water pipes?) which can be frustrating in the mornings when trying to get ready for work. But overall, I really do love our lil bathroom and am especially loving our world map shower curtain. Lately (while going #2), I’ve been trying to learn/memorize the capitals of each country. Helps to pass the time lol.

Speaking of world maps… Charles and I will be leaving next Friday for our first international trip of the year! I’ve been tight lipped about it as we’ve been trying to finalize everything but I promise to share more details on where we’re going next week!

How’s life been happening on your side of the online world? What were some of your favorite little happenings from this past week?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of positive energy!

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  • LOL at studying the map on the toilet. I love it.

    Can’t wait to find out where you’re headed next!

    • Figured I might as well learn something while I’m sitting around lol. And I can’t wait to share! The post will be up next Wednesday. :) xo

  • I’m loving these weekly updates!

    I can’t wait to find out where you guys are traveling too! Yes a photo and tour guide is on the way =D

    • Thanks Valla! And I can’t wait to share! xo

  • I want to know where you are going! That’s so exciting. And also, that shower curtain is the best!!

    • I got the shower curtain from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Not sure if they have those where you live but I know there are similar ones you can order online on Amazon :) And I can’t wait to share!

  • Hey Hey!
    My latest life happenings of this week is my niece making her grand entrance into the world. New baby, more toys lol. Love these post and can’t wait to hear about the trip!

    • Awww congratulations Auntie Amanda! I have a 2 year old niece and absolutely adore so I know the feeling of wanting to spoil her haha. And yes, the new post on where we’re going will be up on Wednesday :) xo

  • I love that curtain. I seen it in your instagram and loved how bright it is <3

    • Thanks mama! We got it from bed, bath & beyond :) xo