Little Happenings

This week of little happenings in photos:

^^ Reunited with my dearest friends (Camesha, Don and Tia) for a fun and food filled day at Emporiyum in D.C. last Saturday. We pretty much went around eating all the samples of food and drinks from local vendors and restaurants at the event. Then, we circled around again to pay for larger portions at the spots we found especially tasty. One of my fave plates was an avocado chocolate mousse which I’m going to try to recreate at home.

^^ Morning shadow play with the tree outside my bedroom window.


^^ Dancing around with my younger brother, Gabriel, at a house concert featuring our cousin’s band. More on their band below.

^^ Our cousins from Maine, Lena and Zak, started a contemporary folk band called GoldenOak. They have a strong fan base in Maine and, this year, they’re making their way down to East Coast to build their band’s awareness and following. This past weekend, they were in D.C. and we went to their performance to support.

While I’ve followed and listened to the EPs they’ve released over the past few years, this was my first time seeing them perform live and WOW, they blew me away! I typically gravitate towards R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop and Tribal House music but their performance officially made me a fan of folk music. At least, their version of it ;)

You can listen to their new EP, Foxgloves, on Spotify HERE

^^ Picked up a new plant for our apartment at the cutest little plant shop on U St. in D.C.

^^ A quote from Yoko Ono to remind me and you of our resiliency.

And that’s my week in a nutshell. Life’s not perfect. The 9 to 5 grind was especially tough this week (had a few 10 hours work days). But putting this post together helped me to recall the positive moments and blessings I would normally overlook as the days blur from one to another and, for that, I’m thankful.

What were your favorite little happenings from this past week?

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