Little Happenings w. 3

My week of little happenings in photos. :)

^^ Dinner w/ my fam bam to celebrate, my brother, Gino’s 25th birthday!

^^ Shadowplay on our living room wall.

^^ What my life has looked like these past couple days while working on my capstone paper.

^^ Yellow daffodils galore while out and about

^^ Travel to-do list as we prepped for our trip.

^^ Confession: This past week, I ate chicken for the first time in over 2 months. It was good. But I didn’t like how I felt afterwards = super bloated… Sooo, yea.

^^ Officially packed as of this morning and just about ready to go! (please ignore my dirty mirror lol)

Thanks so much for your comments and recommendations on my last post! All your comments and feedback are super appreciated!

Our flight for Greece leaves this evening so Charles and I are spending today running around, taking care of last minute errands and to-do’s, like cleaning our apartment because nobody likes to get back from a long trip to a messy home.

With that said, things will be quiet on the blog while I’m away so make sure to follow along with our trip to Greece & Jordan on Instagram in the meantime!


xo, Setarra

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