Little Happenings w. 5

My week of little happenings while in Greece, Jordan and finally HOME in photos. :)

^^ The view from our hotel room of the Temple of Zeus on our last day in Greece. The hotel we were staying at was at near full capacity so when our tour group checked in, they put me and Charles in one of the top floor suites!

^^ My favorite kind of chips after Doritios = Sun Chips. So interesting to see how the chips are packaged in Greece.

^^ Another bathroom situation… This time while visiting the monasteries and convents in Meteora, Greece. Straight up “pop a squat” style. At the monastery, I must confess to accidentally peeing on my shoes a little bit lol. But when we got to the convent and I used the bathroom again, I didn’t tinkle on myself whatsoever which I was pretty proud of.

^^ Charles and I don’t eat McDonald’s in general. The only exception we make is when we travel internationally because it’s so interesting to see how different the menu is from country to country. During our 8 hour layover in Istanbul, we stopped by a McDonald’s and ordered onion rings and fried cheese stuffed with corn as a snack while exploring.

^^ Breakfast cooked by our friend, Tarek, our first morning in Amman, Jordan. A mixture of American and Jordanian cuisine.

^^ 1st group selfie in front of the Treasury in Petra. :) Definitely one of my top 3 experiences on this trip. Can’t wait to share more insight and photos of our time there!

^^ And another selfie of me at our Dead Sea hotel with my first ever food order via ROOM SERVICE. Call me a dork but I was super excited to finally pop my “room service cherry”. Charles thought it was funny because we typically associate room service with ordering super expensive meals and bottles of wine… Me? I ordered a tuna sandwich for $10 JD and that was that lol.

^^ Floating around the Dead Sea! This photo would normally get deleted and not shared on the blog but I thought it was too funny not to share… Doesn’t Charles’s pose look like he’s taking a dump in the water?? Obviously, he wasn’t but still. LOL

^^ Sipping on some Turkish tea while waiting for our transfer flight in Istanbul to depart for Washington, D.C.

^^ The airport security in Jordan and Turkey was no joke. We had to go through security to simply ENTER the airports. Then after checking our bags, we had to go through another security checkpoint to get to the departure area. And then when we finally got to our flight gate, there was yet another security checkpoint with a mini x-ray machine to scan our carry on bags and a personal pat-down before we could actually board the plane. That’s THREE security checkpoints with x-ray scanners and metal detector machines from the minute you enter the airport to when you finally get on the plane.

On top of that, the US ban on laptops in carry-on bags from 8 Islamic countries went into effect on Tuesday (Turkey & Jordan were on the list) so we were forced to check our laptop and my camera which was a little nerve wracking since we’ve always traveled with our laptop and camera in our carry on bag. Thankfully, our stuff wasn’t damaged or worse, stolen, when we picked up our bags at the baggage claim area.

^^ Waking up in my bed this morning. As much as I love traveling, there really is no place like home and sleeping in your own bed. Happy to be back after nearly 2 weeks abroad.

Today, I’m back at work. Tomorrow, we head down to the 757 in Virginia to celebrate Charles’s Gramma’s birthday. And then Sunday… Sunday is for laundry, groceries and getting back into the routine of “regular” life so I can start Monday off fresh.

What were you favorite little happenings from this past week?

xo, Setarra

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  • Love these little happenings :) Can’t wait to read the recaps of your trip!

  • Ohh so fun to see snippets of the little details while you travelled. Sounds like you had the best time. Wishing you a happy weekend! :D

    • Thanks Marcella! The trip was amazing. So much that I think I’m still processing lol. Hope you had a great weekend as well! xo

  • I didn’t know Turkey and Jordan were on the ban list…. It just seems like if it isn’t one thing it’s another with this ban list crap but lucky none of your items were damaged in any way and glad to see that you guys made it back home safely.

    • Yea, the airport security was on a whole other level than what I’ve experienced flying domestically in the U.S. And thanks! Can’t wait to start recapping our trip soon!