Little Happenings w. 8

My week of little happenings in photos. :)

^^ I worked as an event assistant for the Anacostia River Festival in D.C. this past Sunday. We lucked out with great weather and an awesome turnout from the local community.

^^ Yellow flower power “shoefie” because yellow is my favorite color.

^^ Charles surprised me for my 30th birthday with a staycation at the MGM National Harbor Casino & Hotel. It was the sweetest, most unexpected surprise ever. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the day. We ate, went to casino, ate some more, and spent most our time in hotel room lounging around watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy like we usually do… It was great.

With that said, the time has come for me to share that I will taking a little blog break for the next couple of weeks.

A month ago, I applied for a job and went through 2 interviews rounds and this week, I received an official offer for the job (which I accepted)!

In addition to transitioning to a new job, the final draft of my capstone paper is due in less than 2 weeks. A week after that, I will present on my capstone paper of which the grade is either “pass/fail” and then after that, my hope is to be officially done with grad school.

This means it’s time to hunker down, close my mind off from any kind of distractions (which includes this blog) and end this semester on a high note.

So this is not goodbye… More of a see you later. Liiiiike, later later around mid-May-ish with my cap and gown on. :)

Wish me luck!

xo, Setarra

P.S. In case you missed it, on “how life is like my small kitchen” a.k.a. A reflection of my 20’s on my 30th birthday here.
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  • Whitney

    Best of luck with your capstone and YAY for the new job! Doing big things! Catch you in May.

  • Congrats on the new job opportunity and your gonna slay this capstone project! You got this! See you mid-May-ish with cap and gown on girl

  • Aww, I got to catch up with you and your sweet moments (happy belated!) over the past week and then awesome news about your life now! Big congrats to the new job lady and good luck with the project! I know you bouta excel at both! See you after your mini break :)

    • Thanks Sheriden! I so appreciate the support! xoxo

  • You got this, girl! Congrats on the new job, happy belated birthday, and props to you for making it through grad school. You’re on adulting level 10 FOR SURE. I’m gonna get like you when i grow up.


    • Thanks so much for the words of support Disa! :) xoxo

  • Congrats on your new job, that’s great! And yay for your 30th birthday surprise, what an amazing one it was.
    I’ll be missing your posts but rooting for all of the changes :) See ya soon!

  • Congrats on the new job and Happy belated birthday! See you later later!

  • Happy belated birthday! #bdaytwin and good luck on the capstone, congrats on the new job!

    See you soon/later later!